Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I am so bad!

I haven't blogged in FOREVER! I should be fired as a blogger but I knew it would be sporadic because its the way I journal too. I have friends who can journal everyday until the end of time and they will die with their entire lives in writing. I, however, will die a mystery because I can't journal unless the Lord has done something big in my life or I'm mad. So if people find my journals after I die they will think that I was an angry woman who had moments of nearness to God. Sorry? No, I really wish I could do all of this better.

ANYWAY, we have had a few milestones around our house as of late...
- Zaya has begun to really test her limits (and mine) and she loves to whine. Don't get me wrong, she is still amazing, smart and pleasant, she just knows that she can control things a little more now. I really can't complain because I've seen other kids at 2 years old and her bad days resemble their good days... she is a jewel:)

- Bean, the wonderful Bean. Yesterday he took 2 steps! Its the beginning of my baby being a boy... I'm so happy and so sad all at once! He is an amazing creation and when he smiles he looks like he is trying to force out all the joy in him but he can't... its great. He was dedicated at church 2 weeks ago and that was a precious time with God and family. It was great giving him back to our God and being thankful for the gift that he is to us. John Mark prayed that he would be persistent in going after the the things of God like Jacob was in the Bible and that is our prayer for this little bundle of ours:) I did however fully forget to mention it to the B-fields, dang it! They should have been there with us, they're family!

- Our friends Steve and Randel are a part of a Wesleyan Fellowship church plant in Paulding County (Vintage 242) and JM and I prayed about it and decided to join them in this adventure. I know its going to be a crazy ride but the vision that they have for the church and the community is exactly what I would envision a life-giving church to be. I am excited for all of us to see what God is going to do over the next few years and I'm proud to have Steve and Randel for friends because of their hearts and obedience to God... they are some of the best!

Ok, so I've blogged in 2009, see you again in 2010!
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