Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Just another day?

So today is already wonderful. I got to wake up (on my own!!!) next to the man that I love with all of my being. We then got to go together to pick up a happy baby out of her crib who gets so excited to see her parents that her whole body crumbles when she smiles... oh what a joy. The sun is out, the air is chilly, the fire is hot (my feet are still cold), the house is quiet and now I have a few moments to get my thoughts down in writing. I think this whole blog-thing might be therepudic for me.

Is today just another day? Is there something different about this one? Will it be the same feeding, playing, napping, dishes, laundry that is always seems to be? I don't think so. I think that in the will of God each day has a purpose if we seek it. I haven't had the most thrilling prayer life lately, actually it barely exists. When I try to pray I usually fall asleep, other moms tell me thats normal but I don't want it to be any more. I miss my Jesus. I miss the intimacy that was once constant. Insead of thoughts that are filled with God my thoughts are filled with the needs of a beautiful girl. I need to find that balance now between caring for my precious gift and being with the One that sustains my life. What to I have to give to Isaiah if I am not finding myself in the presence of God daily? Anyway, I think to day is different, its new, there is promise in it. Why? Because I have captured the heart of the King of kings and today I get to be with Him. I get to seek the heart of the One that i love, and know that today has purpose because I know Him more and so I have more to give back to my wonderful man and my sweet girl.

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