Saturday, August 25, 2007

29 years and Im okay...I got no place to call my home...

I am very blessed. I had dinner with both sets of folks tonight, and Austin, Billy and the kids. The food was nothing short of scrumptious. Steak (w/mushrooms/onions on top), potatoes covered in butter, buttery bread, and cheesecake with cherries on top. There is a tradition in the Crisp family of making whatever meal the Birthday person wants. This was my choice. It was perfect, and I am full. I turned 29 yesterday and I am feelin young. Bekah and I went out for dinner at Red Lobster. Not too impressed. I used to love going there, but it was just kinda ghetto this time. I dont like spending a lot of money at a ghetto place. I think it was just a childhood love of that place, and I think it ended on my 29th birthday. It was everything from the food not being great to the waitress telling me that they couldn't even give me free ice cream cause they were cutting back. Lame. I mean like Wendy's would probably give you a free frosty if you told em it was your big day of the whole year. I may try that next year. We ended the date with the Bourne Ultimatim flick. WOW, that movie is, well its needing to be seen by you.

Dinner tonight was a good ending to the move that I've been trying to swallow for the last few days. It's been tough. Thinking of pulling the fam up north and dreading the day that Isaiah sounds like anything other her southern grandmothers when she talks. Im going to miss everything down here, but I must say, I know its right. I feel it in my bones. I dont know what all lies ahead but I know who is leading us, which I guess is all you really need to know, right? The Lord is stirring things up, and we are taking the plunge. I love that feeling where you know its right. I don't always feel it in our decisions but man I am feeling it in this one. I dont think its hit us yet, and it will be tough. We are almost out of our apartment, and are going to be fully at Mom n Dads for the next few weeks. We need your prayers. I am excited about what lies ahead in Minneapolis, but we are gonna miss so much here. Its late, Im going to try for sleep.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Saturday laughs

The funniest thing out there? I think so.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Nysewander, one more round?

Here is some music to listen to while your read our update....

I mean my girl loves her some Georgia Aquarium!

About a week ago Bekah brought in my daughter in the morning with a shirt on that said BIG SISTER. Yes yes its true the Nysewanders are going for round two. The showing of Chicken Monkey 2 (one of my fav names for Isaiah) coming to a theater on April 2nd. Kinda wierd, Isaiah Grace was born the day after September 11th, and this baby could be born the day after April fools. At least their friends wont forget their birthday. The other wild part is that Jenny (sis) is having her second baby too. Just like last time. Selah is about 2 and 1/2 months older than Isaiah Grace, pictured above. This time around these babies are gonna be even closer, like less than two months. Dwight told me that he and Janna were gonna adopt a three year old, just so they could be ahead of all of us. Crazy kids. Dad thinks that this round of babies will be boys. Make your predictions now and we will soon see who is right? Last time we got a bunch of "oh I knew it was a girl, I just said I thought it was a boy, but deep down I knew." That doesn't fly this time cause the blog will keep record.

By the way, I am gettin anxious for football season to start. A few more weeks and the Dawgs kick off the opener between the hedges, hosting Oklahoma State.

I know Caroline Bedingfield will be on the 50 yard line screaming her head off. What a sports nut she is! Go Dawgs!

If yall know anyone that needs a place to stay until January we have an apartment that will soon be vacated. You can also get a sweet deal on our Passat, and this thing is pimped out, except for the spinnas. Its not as pimped as say, the Livergood van, but its a close second. Why the change you ask? 'Cause we are the Nysewanders, and that's how we roll. Updates to come.

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