Friday, July 20, 2007

Cali wedding

Last weekend I the third Nysewander kid got married! I had the privledge to see my bro get married to a long time family Janna Anderson. It was a quaint little spot overlooking the Pacific, in Big Sur California. There were maybe 12 people as witnesses, but it was a fabulous, laid back Cali wedding. Dad got to officiate the wedding, and he had a great word for them about their life ahead. Dwight and Janna are finishing up their 2 month road trip in this next week, heading back to Minneapolis. There they will plan for their PART---AY at the end of September where more people (who couldn't come out west) will be able to celebrate the wedding with them.

I also was able to see the Hearst Castle out there which was pretty sweet. These are his two pools at his pad. Yes the gold you see in the first one is 24k gold, and the landing at the top of the pic? Diving board. It was very cool to learn about his life in detail, as he was quite the entertainer dude. I will leave pictures of both events to update our blog, and some of the highly requested new Isaiah Grace pics. This first one of her might just be my favorite of all her pics. I mean look how excited she is!!!

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