Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Beach

We took a much needed family trip to the beach this past weekend and let me say, It was AWESOME! We have never taken our kiddos to the beach (horrible, I know) and I haven't been since I was pregnant with IG so we headed off to St. Simons for a long weekend of fun! It was a huge blessing and a huge relief and our family needed to just BE together and enjoy one another. Life gets so busy sometimes and I forget how to just have fun with my family. I thank God for our wonderful kiddos who were complimented over and over again for their great behavior and cuteness. They are just good kids and they came that way! I am thankful for our sweet bundle on the way and how I haven't been sick hardly at all this pregnancy, crazy tired, but not sick:) We're going to have some wild times during next year's beach adventure! I am thankful for my wonderful husband who always puts the needs of our family first over his needs and desires. He is a perpetual giver of his time and energy and goes out of his way to make sure I have down time even when he rarely gets it... he's a great man! Most of all I am thankful for my glorious Friend who cares for every bit of my heart even when it is hard and removed. He gently draws me to himself and in that place I know that I am safe and that my heart is comletely cared for. it doesn't matter what is going on in this crazy world of joblessness, war, socialism, poverty, etc., because in His presence and in His will I am COMPLETEY safe from the chaos of this world. My God is good to me and the desire of my heart is to be as good as I possibly can to Him.

Anyway, here are some pics of my precious ones and a couple family pics:

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