Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Are you my mother?

I think I feel as confused sometimes as that poor baby bird in that book. I mean everyone around the poor guy is like 'what kind of dumb ass are you? no, i'm not your mother!' Sometimes in the midst of trying to figure things out you have to ask the dumb questions because you truely have no idea where to start. Meanwhile those around you can see plain as day that your questions are dumb but they're to polite to say so. How come things can be so clear to other people and so foggy for me? Well, I guess my plans for tomorrow involve me asking a snort if its my mother and maybe I'll get lucky and get picked up and put down right where I belong and in the face of what I've been seeking all along. Dang Dr. Seuss rocks.

The real reason I post:

spag. night

Have you seen a prettier face?!

Uh! My heart hurts.

yea!!! Tatum and B are coming to swim tomorrow! I love friends!
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