Monday, April 27, 2009

Oh April, you have been so busy!

This month has seemed out of control! From the kiddos getting one disease or another from week to week to having repairs done here and there around the house to wedding festivities to numerous Easter celebrations to finding out we will have another peanut by the end of the year, we have been busy! Here are some pics of our good times:
The Nysewander cousins:Oh my goodness!!! She is PERFECT!
Playing with Poppy and Mimi's rain barrel:

He doesn't walk, he runs:)
My flower boy... he loves hats, sunglasses, flowers, whatever!And the prettiest girl:
Zaya and her pal in the tunnel at our fav park!
Bean found a sink full of water in the play house...
Sweet girly face!

So besides just business, we're having another Nysewander! We are so excited and the more and more we think about the fun of having three of our babies so close together, the more excited we get. Don't get me wrong, I know how hard it will be at times but I absolutely love having our first two bundles of love close. They play together beautifully and fight together beautifully but they play with other kids so well and I think it is because they have each other to' practice' with. When Bean joined our life it was crazy and quite honestly, it was hard but everyday was a little easier and a little more fun... Which bring us to today where I have plenty of time to upload pics and post a blog because my kids are content and they have each other for entertainment! They have their moments when Bean needs constant love and Zaya can't quite figure out how to stop crying (but I can relate!) and in those moments I want to run away and hide but all-in-all my kids are rock stars! They understand life as them being a part of something instead of being the center and I think that is important for kids now, in this generation. I am praying for our new love that will be joining us that this little person will love his or her big sis and brother and that Zaya and Bean will rise to the occation of being the 'big kids' and love and care for their new sibling. We're excited and can't wait to see the evolution of our family over these next few years... God is SO good to us and I know that this next year will be so good too!!!

Bye for now!

Friday, April 24, 2009

The Nysewander 5

Look for a new Nysewander arriving in December!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I'm just so tired... so i'm going to the tea party!

Ok, so I'm not really an activist. I am however just so tired of the spending problems in our government and society. Don't get me wrong, I like a latte every now and then and I like going out and doing fun things with my family but our reality is that if there is no money in the bank, then there is nothing to spend. We have had some credit card debt from time to time but we have always worked really hard and cut MANY corners to get rid of it, so why can't the LEADERS of our country do the same thing? I'm not pro-democrat or pro-republican at this point- they both suck and have failed us miserably. I'm just tired of it and I want ALL of our governing officials to apologize for their reckless spending and to do everything in their power to CUT ALL EXTRA SPENDING until our economic crisis is over. Thats it, it doesn't seem impossible to me or my family so we're GOING TO THE TEA PARTY!!!

here's the web page with info:

Thanks for letting me vent! Does anyone want to carpool to MARTA?
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