Friday, November 12, 2010

Fall pics anyone?

Deep breath

My littles have been asleep for about an hour and a half so I really don't have a ton of blog time. I have, however, had the chance during this time to finish up my mom's b-day present and make some pumpkin bread "muffins" with cream cheese icing for the Kirubai coffee house tonight! What! What!! (Side note: When does a muffin stop being a muffin and become a cupcake? I think its when the icing is added... so I made pumpkin cupcakes.)  Anyway, tonight is the coffee house and I've been uncharacteristically excited. Now, I get excited about things but I've been really excited about tonight. For starters, I love Tammy, she is amazing. (More on that in a moment.) Also, I love India, and I love hearing Tammy's heart for the country and for all of her littles... even though they aren't so little anymore for the most part. I think most people who venture over to this little corner of our cyber-world know Tammy and they know how great she is and how she runs solid, full on after the heart of God. Its inspiring and life changing to have a conversation with her. She doesn't paint everything with flowers and rainbows, she is has blessed me with her honesty on more than one occasion. She has been a source of laughter and encouragement in our house during her short visit here. I think what is so refreshing about her is that she breathes real, Jesus-life (I know what it is in my head even if the verbiage doesn't make sense) into whatever situation she is in and that is so rare here, in los Estados Unidos. The world we have created here is so temporary and our eyes are fixed on temporary pleasures. I love Tammy because she reminds me to look to the pleasures that are eternal. So tonight I look forward to celebrating my beautiful friend and encouraging her in the life God has called her to. Its going to be a good one!
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