Saturday, October 27, 2007

Thursday, October 25, 2007

3:30 Saturday on CBS

Here we are, quickly approaching the most exciting, unique game in college football. I love this game. I love that it is played every year at a the neuteral site, I love that the tickets are sold evenly to both fans 50/50, I love looking at the crowd and seeing the invisible line seperating the red and black from the orange and blue. I love right up until the end, and then ever since I have started started following the dawgs, I have been upset and disappointed. Granted I have only been a Georgia fan for maybe three years, apparently I could have been a fan for the last 17 years and be disappointed with this matchup. Since I have been a dawgs fan I have had plenty of reason to get excited, plenty of reasons to be proud of our team. In that time, I can think of several times where the other team was heavily favored, and we came out mad and ready to play, and walked out with a victory. But this game, this one is different. This is the one we look at on the schedule at the beginning of the season, and typically count it as a loss, long before the opening kickoff. This year the gators are favored by 9 points. However it seems like we could be setting up for the perfect storm this year. I know we are capable of beating them. We manhandled the Auburn Tigers, who have found a way to beat the Gators. Man do we need a win this year. This IS the year for college football upsets. We just had a bye week last week, so we are rested and fresh. Florida has just come off a very physical game against UK, in which Tebow got banged up a bit, Stafford needs to make a QB statment, Richt needs to start winnning consistently against the Gators, and every year it seems that UGA always pulls out a win that they shouldn't have won. Why not now? My mind, and the stats say the dawgs will get blown out by the Heisman Hopeful Timbo. I say we take him out of the game, and show the gators that the Dawgs still have bite. What do yall think will happen? Well Bill, I know what you think. Let me here your support for the dawgs. Can we please make this happen again? Go Dawgs, Sic EM!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I think birthdays are very funny. I mean as a kid it was EVERYTHING. I would get so pumped for like 2 months before the big day was actually here and then I would rock out and make my self the most important person ever for a day (even if I was the only who thought so) and I would be crazy sad when my day was over. It doesn't feel the same anymore and I think I enjoy celebrating other people so much more, maybe that comes with maturity? And by saying that am I saying that I'm more mature? What the heck?! I don't want to be more mature! I think I have to be for a little while... I need a lesson on 'Being Fun and Goofy While Teaching Your Children to Function Properly in a Social Setting and to Love God and Others'. If anyone has experience in this field, please, feel free to pass on all wisdom and insight! Sometimes I think I'm taking the whole parenting thing too seriously and then I think of how jacked up our world is and I think I should take it a whole lot more seriously. What the heck is a girl to do? i mean, thats the ting, I'm just a girl... how am I supposed to know how to do this? Dang. Well, I think I should start by taking a shower... I mean, at least I'll be clean, right?

Thursday, October 18, 2007

This is Hilarious

Saying 'ass' has never been so funny.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Oh, my little one

Well, the other day I was realizing that I'm pregnant (I forget often) and I haven't given the little one a shout out, so I figured I needed to have a preggers update blog. So if you don't know, I am now 16 weeks and I feel pretty good. I'm still a little tired but that could be from running around after IGN:) I'm thankfully still in all my old clothes because I'm trying to stay away from maternity styles until it is absolutely necessary! I have a tummy but thanks to low rise jeans I haven't really been affected. I can feel the little butter bean moving around when I'm still in the evening or if I'm taking it easy during the day.
I'm definitely a mix of nervous and excitement about having a second because I know that it will be more than twice the work. I think more than anything, I pray that the Lord keeps me flexible and gives me the grace to meet the needs of little one while also being aware that I have a precious gift in IGN and she has needs also. I'm thankful that IGN is still very obedient and LOVES babies so as long as those two things continue I know that she will be a great helper and will loving being a big sis.
Another new thing that JM and I are considering is waiting until the baby arrives to find out the sex. We have considered having more but also think that two might be perfect for us so we thought we would do this one a little different. With IGN we had a nursery to decorate and ALL the stuff to buy and now that we are pretty well stocked and we don't have a nursery, we thought that a surprise might be fun. I guess we'll see, I mean, I haven't even found a doctor yet! I know, thats horrible because I'm due for a check up so I need to get this ball rolling... i want RICHARD!!!! But he's not here...sad. I just need to pray that the Lord puts us with the perfect person for me and out little one. I know it will work out great:) Well, long post, so peace out!
I miss so many of y'all so much!

Check this out from chapel last night: She thought we were there for her entertainment only:)If you listen close you can hear her squealing over the music. More videos to come!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

God is good. I am enjoying what is going on here, and my girls are loving life here too. Isaiah Grace is making more friends than Bekah and I are (actually she draws them to us with her smile, and wave- she waves to everyone here, and we leave a room? She is waving to everyone and saying "Bye-Bye!") We have an incredible child, who most of yall in Georgia probably wouldn't even recognize at this point as she is so different from when we left.

Today I was walking across the campus lawn, the air was crisp, the wind was threatening winter, fall has arrived! Bekah says it is her favorite time of year, and I think I am with her. Its just the perfect temperature here. Minnesota may not offer the most comfortable winters but they have amazing fall seasons. We went from 80s and 90s to 40s and 50s in like a day. There were actually a few days when it was colder in Atlanta than it was here. Bekah has become freakishly observant of the weather, as she now has to dress two in the morning.

I wanted to say that the Lord has blessed us a lot so far. We have everything we need here, and then some, cause thats just how the Lord rolls. He loves to give good things to his children. For some reason they waived our rent here for the month of September. Amazing. I just wanted to let everyone know that God is blessing us. We don't know what kind of support is going to come in, but I felt like God told me this week to not worry, but to trust him. I think he is also opening up a job for me on campus, more on that as it unfolds.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

She has a very refined palate!

Isaiah Grace and I are having tons of fun these days. I think I'm most amazed by her emerging personality and how she loves to be the source of other people's laughter...she delights in it! A couple days ago I walked with her to the play ground here on campus and we did our usual swinging, bouncing on the spring-enforced animals and taking a few trips down the slide but on this day I thought that sand would be fun for her to discover. So we plopped ourselves down in the sand and enjoyed letting it escape through our fingers... Isaiah thought it was facinating. At one point I looked up and with a silly grin my girl stuck her hand in her mouth! Yes, her sand and dirt covered hand went directly in her mouth! When I went to pull her hand out I saw bits of dirt stuck in her two little teeth and I started laughing so hard! So she in turn started laughing and got more dirt and stuck it in her mouth causing both of us to laugh even harder. I know I should worry about germs and all of the horrible things floating around sand boxes but she was having so much fun and it was so darn funny I couldn't bring my self to tell her to stop. Those of you who have heard her belly laugh and watched her bounce up and down with laughter know why I just had to enjoy the moment. So now shes a dirt eater and I'll just have to be ok with that. Unfortunately I didn't have the camera or the video camera w/ me at that moment but I think if I had, I might have missed out on the fun of just laughing with my girl. So these are 'back at home' pics and most of the dirt was gone... c'est la vie!
Today is the UGA/ Tenn game and father and daughter are decked out for the big game. GO DAWGS!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Mama's gotta brand new bag!

Yep, yesterday I realized that I got a package from the home town and I was CRAZY excited! There are really no words to explain the feeling you get when something comes in the mail just for you from someone that you miss so much. So I picked up my package and saw that it was from katie B and I told JM 'I don't know what it is, but I know its something fun.' I knew it was fun because it was from B and she is just fun and I love that about her. SO I opened my box and it was a lovely bag that has more pockets than any mother would need in a bag and love it because it holds everything and its super cute on top of that. (I love how my pink grandma couch really complements my new bag!) Yep, so yesterday I felt like a queen and I switched all my goods into immediately, John Mark thought it was pretty funny. Every time I pick it up to leave the house I smile because it is a little treasure from home that came from the heart of a great friend.
Thanks B! You don't know how much it means to me!
Oh, and here are a couple random IGN pics from playing and walking in her room:)
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