Saturday, October 6, 2007

She has a very refined palate!

Isaiah Grace and I are having tons of fun these days. I think I'm most amazed by her emerging personality and how she loves to be the source of other people's laughter...she delights in it! A couple days ago I walked with her to the play ground here on campus and we did our usual swinging, bouncing on the spring-enforced animals and taking a few trips down the slide but on this day I thought that sand would be fun for her to discover. So we plopped ourselves down in the sand and enjoyed letting it escape through our fingers... Isaiah thought it was facinating. At one point I looked up and with a silly grin my girl stuck her hand in her mouth! Yes, her sand and dirt covered hand went directly in her mouth! When I went to pull her hand out I saw bits of dirt stuck in her two little teeth and I started laughing so hard! So she in turn started laughing and got more dirt and stuck it in her mouth causing both of us to laugh even harder. I know I should worry about germs and all of the horrible things floating around sand boxes but she was having so much fun and it was so darn funny I couldn't bring my self to tell her to stop. Those of you who have heard her belly laugh and watched her bounce up and down with laughter know why I just had to enjoy the moment. So now shes a dirt eater and I'll just have to be ok with that. Unfortunately I didn't have the camera or the video camera w/ me at that moment but I think if I had, I might have missed out on the fun of just laughing with my girl. So these are 'back at home' pics and most of the dirt was gone... c'est la vie!
Today is the UGA/ Tenn game and father and daughter are decked out for the big game. GO DAWGS!


carolineb said...

Good times! Dirt won't hurt. I can just see y'all in the sand box laughing. So good.

brad said...

We miss you guys down here.

Sorry about the UGA bed-wetting vs. TN. That's going to leave a mark.

Katie B said...

I loved that story.
I wanna come see ya'll!!!

I also need to see a pic of your growing belly...

Looooooooooove ya'll.

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