Friday, October 12, 2007

Oh, my little one

Well, the other day I was realizing that I'm pregnant (I forget often) and I haven't given the little one a shout out, so I figured I needed to have a preggers update blog. So if you don't know, I am now 16 weeks and I feel pretty good. I'm still a little tired but that could be from running around after IGN:) I'm thankfully still in all my old clothes because I'm trying to stay away from maternity styles until it is absolutely necessary! I have a tummy but thanks to low rise jeans I haven't really been affected. I can feel the little butter bean moving around when I'm still in the evening or if I'm taking it easy during the day.
I'm definitely a mix of nervous and excitement about having a second because I know that it will be more than twice the work. I think more than anything, I pray that the Lord keeps me flexible and gives me the grace to meet the needs of little one while also being aware that I have a precious gift in IGN and she has needs also. I'm thankful that IGN is still very obedient and LOVES babies so as long as those two things continue I know that she will be a great helper and will loving being a big sis.
Another new thing that JM and I are considering is waiting until the baby arrives to find out the sex. We have considered having more but also think that two might be perfect for us so we thought we would do this one a little different. With IGN we had a nursery to decorate and ALL the stuff to buy and now that we are pretty well stocked and we don't have a nursery, we thought that a surprise might be fun. I guess we'll see, I mean, I haven't even found a doctor yet! I know, thats horrible because I'm due for a check up so I need to get this ball rolling... i want RICHARD!!!! But he's not here...sad. I just need to pray that the Lord puts us with the perfect person for me and out little one. I know it will work out great:) Well, long post, so peace out!
I miss so many of y'all so much!

Check this out from chapel last night: She thought we were there for her entertainment only:)If you listen close you can hear her squealing over the music. More videos to come!


Michael, Cari , Gabriella, and Caleb said...

That is hilarious. I love my Isaiah Grace!

Katie B said...

It's so weird to see her walking!!! Tell her to stop growing until I can come see her... see what she thinks.

At least she wasn't on a leash like that one kid that ran by the video. Haha. She wouldn't like that a one bit.

I don't like it when people don't find out the sex of their baby.
I mean, it's such a surprise already who they turn out to be... But whoever it is is going to be AWESOME. I mean judging on your most recent work... how could they not be?

My favorite video is the cookies one... PRICELESS!



Katie B said...

And the one where she's trying to get the duck to stay on her blankie...

And the bottle one.

And all of them.

I feel like I've been there...
Keep it up!

jill said...

Heloooo Neysewanders! WOW! (I think Mike finnaly stopped saying that 6 months ago...thanks JM)
So I was visiting Cari's blog and I noticed your blog link for the 1st time- I clicked on it and was in for huge surprises! 1st- Congrats on the new baby coming! That is so great! IG is so cute! I think the last time we heard from you guys you just had her! I cant believe your back in MN- that must be so fun being back especially with the little one- I cant believe that's the age Jacob was when we were there. Oh it was fun to get an update of long lost friends! You guys seem do be doing great- we are good here...if you want our offical update check it our at: :)
God bless~ Jill Turner

jill said...

Heloooo Nysewanders! WOW! (I think Mike finally stopped saying that 6 months ago, thanks JM) So I was visitng Cari's blog and I saw your link on her page, when I clicked on it I couldnt believe the surprises! First, Congrats on baby #2 coming...that is so great! And IG is sooo cute! I think the last time we heard from you guys she was just born! And that is crazy that your back in MN- it must be great to be back especially w/ the little one. I cant believe that is how old Jacob was when we were there. Well it sounds like you guys are doing great- it was nice to hear how old friends our doing! We are good here...if you want the full update you can check it our at:
God bless~ Jill Turner

jill said...

oppps...sorry- I guess that 1st post did go through...technical difficulties here. :)

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