Monday, July 14, 2008

The Ultimate Crib Sheet

Never in my life have I wished I had more of those lovely inventions! They're these great sheet/mattress pad-in-one that snaps on to the crib slats over a typical crib sheet. 'Why are they so amazing?', you may ask. Well because they prevent a mother from working herself into a FULL sweat after changing the sheets on 2 cribs. I mean fighting with the bumper-pad to take off the sheet and mattress pad then having to suspend your body on the railing of the crib to get the far corners covered with a new mattress pad (and this with the railing already down!) AND THEN do it again with a sheet while trying to pull the bumper-pad back into place and push the mattress back down with out bunching the sheet on the sides. So, I slid the railing back up into place with a sore back and beads of sweat on my fore-head, very satisfied with my accomplishment only to look across the hall and realize that I had to do it all again:( I need to get more ultimate crib sheets! Oh how I love snaps!

Ok, so that was a very trivial part of my day amidst a fussy, sleep-less boy and a typically sweet girl competing for attention in whatever means possible with her bro. I for some reason woke up EXHAUSTED. I know that most moms know that feeling of the painful, devastating, I-feel-like-crying-because-I'm-so-tired-in-the-core-of-my-being-and-there-is-no-end-in-sight kind of tired and this morning was my time to feel it (and I already had 2 cups of coffee). I'm too tired to eat, too tired to think and definitely too tired to sit and listen and my kiddos vie for the little attention I had to give. So why am I sitting here writing at nap time? Because I put JE in his crib with a passie and I went to collect IG, her 3 blankies and a passie and placed her in her crib and said our customary nap-time prayer and she went straight to bed. I slipped across the hall to see if JE needed anything and he was already OUT (it had only been 1.5 minutes since I put him in there!). So I write because I have a moment to breathe and in that moment I am assured by the One who sustains me that I'm going to make it and I'm not going to DIE (it takes some convincing) and that I have 2 beautiful healthy babies who are full of life, hope and promise.

My life is good... even when I'm tired.

Friday, July 11, 2008

So this is what I know...

JE has now been with us for almost 4 months and we are just now getting to know him... isn't that crazy!!! I mean in the past 3-5 weeks he has really come into his own and has this amazing personality! He amazes me everyday how different he is from his sis (I shouldn't be surprised, right?!). Everyone always SAYS that kids are really different but I wasn't going to believe it until I saw it for myself:) At first I thought that this little guy was high maintenance because I couldn't get him on a schedule but once I let him make up his own I realized how easy he is too. When he is happy, he is VERY happy but when he is sad, oh, everyone in a 10 mile radius knows it. I say he is passionate and just knows what he wants:) He falls asleep in my arms and I LOVE that and his smile is literally breath taking. It is so big and bright that when he does it you just have to stop and smile back no matter what is going on. JE loves to sleep. I'm told that babies at this age should sleep 14 hours a day and I work real hard to keep him from sleeping more than 17...

JE is also VERY long and fat. I have to remind myself and others how young he is because I find myself expecting him to do things that a 6 or 7 month old would do because thats what he looks like, but he's still just an itty bitty guy:)

I love him more everyday with every moment that I get to just look at him and enjoy life with him. He loves IG and she can make him go from tears to giggles in 1.5 seconds... its amazing! I feel blessed beyond anything I deserve and I can't wait to learn more about him tomorrow!

IGN update!
The girl is a rock star and is my favorite comic. She loves to laugh and dance and pretend to talk on the phone... its so cute!!! I will do an IGN post soon!

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