Monday, July 14, 2008

The Ultimate Crib Sheet

Never in my life have I wished I had more of those lovely inventions! They're these great sheet/mattress pad-in-one that snaps on to the crib slats over a typical crib sheet. 'Why are they so amazing?', you may ask. Well because they prevent a mother from working herself into a FULL sweat after changing the sheets on 2 cribs. I mean fighting with the bumper-pad to take off the sheet and mattress pad then having to suspend your body on the railing of the crib to get the far corners covered with a new mattress pad (and this with the railing already down!) AND THEN do it again with a sheet while trying to pull the bumper-pad back into place and push the mattress back down with out bunching the sheet on the sides. So, I slid the railing back up into place with a sore back and beads of sweat on my fore-head, very satisfied with my accomplishment only to look across the hall and realize that I had to do it all again:( I need to get more ultimate crib sheets! Oh how I love snaps!

Ok, so that was a very trivial part of my day amidst a fussy, sleep-less boy and a typically sweet girl competing for attention in whatever means possible with her bro. I for some reason woke up EXHAUSTED. I know that most moms know that feeling of the painful, devastating, I-feel-like-crying-because-I'm-so-tired-in-the-core-of-my-being-and-there-is-no-end-in-sight kind of tired and this morning was my time to feel it (and I already had 2 cups of coffee). I'm too tired to eat, too tired to think and definitely too tired to sit and listen and my kiddos vie for the little attention I had to give. So why am I sitting here writing at nap time? Because I put JE in his crib with a passie and I went to collect IG, her 3 blankies and a passie and placed her in her crib and said our customary nap-time prayer and she went straight to bed. I slipped across the hall to see if JE needed anything and he was already OUT (it had only been 1.5 minutes since I put him in there!). So I write because I have a moment to breathe and in that moment I am assured by the One who sustains me that I'm going to make it and I'm not going to DIE (it takes some convincing) and that I have 2 beautiful healthy babies who are full of life, hope and promise.

My life is good... even when I'm tired.


Valarie said...

YAY, so you have a blog, too! Your family is so beautiful. I know that you are such a fabulous Mommy. I love you & I hope to see you the next time that we are in the States.

AtlantaMama said...

awe... I hear ya. You are a good Mommy and you are doing a great job!!!!
I'm impressed that you 've got 2 napping at the same time, btw!! How do you do it?

Brandie "Bee" said...

I am SO WITH you, mom!!!

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