Monday, August 23, 2010

August Times

Glorious Rain
Little Puddle Jumpers

My babies love rain

keeping daddy entertained after the big surgery

She stands

Tiny dancer

Stealing Daddy's coffee


Yellow Bathrooms and Such

We live in an old house built cerca 1960 and I don't think its ever been updated. But I'm not complaining. We have a tiny half bath attached to our "master" bedroom and John mark and I can't both fit in there very gracefully. Again, I'm not complaining. Why? Because I have a tiny, yellow tiled bathroom and it is glorious. It is my favorite room in the house. It is always bright and sunny and because only one person can fit in there at a time, it is perfect. Don't get me wrong, I would love a huge master bath with a massive tub and dual vanities and tons of outlets (actually, one would be nice) but no matter where our adventures take us, I will forever paint my bathroom yellow. I will pray for glorious natural light. And I will always love this little yellow bathroom. My mom grew up in this house. I used to rinse my mouth with diluted mouthwash in this bathroom when I would have sleep overs with my grands. When I open closets or find myself buried in little nooks and crannies, I smell them. Sometimes my memories come alive again and I watch my childhood unfolding before me. I can see their Christmas tree, I can see LouLou getting maraschino cherries out of the fridge to drop in our ovaltine, I can feel the sweet arms of my PawPaw wrap around me as I fall into his always welcoming lap. I can point to the place on the floor where I opened up my kitchen aide mixer for my birthday the day after my PawPaw passed away. I can hear him humming and he cooked or got ready for the day. I can taste the mints that he always had in his pocket. I used to watch nickalodeon here (we didn't have cable). No matter what was going on in my life, I always felt welcome here. I was important here. Every kid needs that place. This house has such great memories and although my kids are still young, I pray they have great memories here too. Most of Anna's 'firsts' will be here as well as some of Jacob's. Its good for me to be in this little house right now, with its little yellow bathroom. I'm happy here. Until we move again and then I'll be happy there too.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Anniversary and Farmers Market

This is kind of 2 blogs in one, I love killing 2 birds with one stone... but I don't love that saying. Who is trying to kill a bird with a stone anyway?

Anniversary # 7!!!!!

Monday morning started out with JM leaving for work and returning home with roses and telling me that he was staying home from work! That was all I needed... Happy Anniversary to me! The End.

Nope, JM had planned a night out to a BEAUTIFUL Bed and Breakfast downtown. We left the house after the kids went down for a nap ( in the care of their wonderful Poppy and Mimi) and we headed out to a movie. Now we aren't 'movie' people. We don't go to the latest and the greatest movies. When an opportunity presents itself to go out just the two of us without kiddos, we don't typically head straight for the theatre. So basically, a trip to the show was a treat.
This anniversary we just enjoyed living life together. He stole my rings from my jewelry box and had them cleaned. He tied them to a champagne bottle with the same string that was tied on my engagement ring when we he proposed. It was good.

He made the day exciting and all about US. We haven't made things all about US in a while... He is a good man with a good heart.
The next morning we had a delish breakfast with 2 other couples and a woman staying at the B&B and it was a treat to talk to other people about their lives and what they're doing and where they're going. It can't be beat.
I'll remember this one forever. Anniversary 7 was good.

Farmers Market:

Just some kids and some friends and so my morning was great. I packet the babes in the carthis morning and we drove a whole 1/2 mile up to the square for the weekly farmers market. There so many times that I avoid little adventures because its hard to get out with Zay, Bean and Anna BUT today we did it. It was crazy hot but lemonade, Popsicles, shade and breezes made it all bearable. I love walking the street and seeing all the goods that are to be had. The fresh veggies and honey, homemade bread and sweets, its all beautiful and I just feel healthy for being there. It was a little challenging with all three but between Tatum and Amy holding Zaya and Bean's hands and Heather pushing them in the stroller while I fed Anna a popsicle, it was manageable. What would I do with out great friends? Katie, we missed you!!!
It seems that there is a new place opening on the square that sells women's athletic clothing. Its a Canadian based store and apparently its a big deal that we're getting one. They're pumping it up by having free yoga classes! I wish I had more info to share!
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