Tuesday, May 22, 2007

You don't know how we roll....

So, anyone who knows us knows that the Nysewanders roll around in some pimpin' cars. I mean if we were to sell them today we would get some serious coin for em. However we decided when we were dealt these cars, that we would drive them until they could drive no more. Well in the last 48 hours we have had both of them come in for a landing...seemingly for good. We thought we could hold out till the end of the year, but our cars are thinking differently. It stinks that it happened to both at the same time, but such it has. So, here is the deal, we uh kinda need to get some different rides. We have prayed about it and felt stongly that we don't want to go into debt to finance a car, so we are looking for a deal. This is where you can help. Please keep your eyes open for us. We need to make some changes like this weekend with our rides. (Bekah and Isaiah almost got stranded at Target today) If you know of anyone who is selling their car, or if you have one for sale, please, please, please let us know. We just don't have the loot to replace the two cars that we need now, so if you know anyone that has what we need please don't hesitate to holla. Thanks. Now for a little automobile comedy for ya...I love this movie.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Morrison6 update

Our friend Brianna had another successful Ultrasound, and she and Ryan were on the local news again in Minneapolis. All six babies are healthy, and the doc told em they are having 4 boys and 2 girls!!! I mean can you even imagine? At least now they can get by with 3 or 4 bedrooms in their home. Its all about the bunkbeds for the boys. As you can imagine they need your prayers for countless things, as Brianna needs to try to make it to the end of July. The news link is here, I wanted to post this to keep ya'll up to date on them so you can pray. If can help them by giving you can log onto their website here.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Roll Call

Alright everyone. Saturday night. Who is in? We will be at the playhouse at 7.30 sharp. You don't want to miss seeing Martin perform live. If your on the fence about going this should help you decide...

Get your tickets!!!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Oh what a blessing!!!!

Ok, so when I was not a mom I knew what kind of mom I would be and how I would do things. I knew I would be independent, my child would be "organic", and she would never pitch a fit because she would be so well disciplined from birth. Ok, so now for the mom that I AM: I am in need of fellowship and companionship, I let Isaiah eat almost whatever she wants and clothe her in what is handed down, gifted or cheap. The girl loves to yell and gets mad when she doesn't get fed as quickly as she thinks she should. Yep, its a little different than my lofty expectations but it is wonderful and she is my little treasure! A new part of my life is a play group that I go to a Mari Helm's house and I never thought I would enjoy something so much. It is a great time of fellowship and hanging out and it is a huge blessing to have a group to share with. Everyone who comes is so different from the next but we all share a wonderful bond of motherhood and the love of Jesus. Mari, who hosts us is a warm, fun, outgoing, soul winner who

actually LOOKS for opportunities to draw people into community. That is so rare!!! Laura is a wonderful woman who is so open and candid and makes everyone feel welcome. She has a great excitement about her that can make the most 'bla' of days feel like something special is about to happen. Jessica is more of an introvert and a newer acquaintance of mine but she is kind and loves her family and children. She is the mother of three very young kids who are as kind and sweet as she is. I look forward to getting to know her more. Erica is from Peru and is so much fun. She
has a great laugh and when I talk to her I feel like we have been friends forever. Yuki (sorry, I don't know how to spell Japanese names!) is a beautiful girl from Japan. SHe is amazingly gentle and comforting. Today was her first time with us but she brought SO much to our little group. You know how there are people who you can just feel their sweet spirit? Well, Yuki is one of those people, another one is Jamie. She is AWESOME and the kind of person you would just pour your heart out to because she is so warm and makes everyone feel so important. Another joy is Ruth Allen who is young and energetic and so very happy. She is very interested in what is going on with everyone and always is encouraging. She is the kind of person who always knows what to say to make me feel like a great mom. Today we had the pleasure of Jenny joining us and I LOVED it! She always blesses me by her presence. Since I've known her, I've always wanted to be just like her. If you don't know my sister-in-law, all I can say is, I'm sorry and you are missing out! Anyway thats our little group and I love it and can't wait for mondays. I love this life God has blessed me with and there are SO many people that make it the blessing that it is, so thank you all and thank you God!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Things Isaiah loves

I am back ruling this blogdom! I let JM have his fun but now I'm back and better than ever!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA (imagine a wicked laugh) I figured more pictures of Isaiah need to be floating around this world so here I am to post:) I love my life and I love my husband and my girl. There is alot going on right now and we're praying about where God is taking us and what the next step in our lives may be... India? Marietta? Nepal? Minneapolis? Kansas City? Aruba???!!!! Haahaa J/k about the aruba. No, we are just in a place where we feel God could logistically move us easily and we're greatful to be in this position and we really just want what is best for our relationship with God, this world, Isaiah Grace and our marriage, so if our location has an effect on any of those things, we're ready and willing to go where ever. So please pray with us if you hAve a sec... we'd REALLY appreciate it! Anyway, here are some cute photos!

She is very modest... note her use of the alphabet to prevent future inappropriate photos being leaked onto the internet.

She loves playin' with her daddy:)

She loves the computer and likes to see how much saliva it can actually handle! (Amy, do you recognize the table in the back ground? Yep, its yours, painted it black!)

She loves her P. (He's not going to love me for posting this!)

PS-thank you to everyone who helped make yesterday a million times easier! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU!

Monday, May 7, 2007

QBs that Spoon together, stay together.

Here is our Univerity Of Georgia QB, at a "Taledega tailgate" Call me ignorant, if you must, but I didn't even know Taledega had tailgates, should have figured though. Even though Bekah calls Stafford my "Man Crush #2", these are not the images I want to have to remember, before next seasons kickoff.

Here is how the Bulldog faithful see these pics, as Stafford can do no wrong.

Matthew enjoys working out in all environments.

He is a nice young man who makes friends easily.

He's helpful.

He is concerned when his friends are feeling down. (Matthew w/ backup QB Joe Cox)

I mean seriously what else could you possibly read into these photos?

Just so these photos aren't your last memory of Stafford, I would like to leave you with this.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Banana Split.

Bekah is practicing for Worship this morning, and Isaiah Grace is sleeping in the next room, so I thought I would jot down a few words. I wanted to share with you guys about a loss we had last week. My grandfather died, as he was 86, and lived an incredibly full life. He waited around in the hospital for all the family to say their goodbyes, and then went on to see the Lord. It was amazing how the last few days he would speak of things he was seeing on the other side. Speaking of seeing family, friends that have already passed, and how beautiful those angels are, etc. Incredible how the Lord lets us taste a bit of the other side, when someone is slipping into Heaven. It was really a good time to be with family, and we actually laughed a lot considering the circumstances. I wish you all could have been at the funeral to taste a glimpse of the life of this great man. Uncle Len said at the funeral that for 50+ years, he had never seen Pop get angry, or say a coarse word. What an inspiration. Pop was always Gentle, always serving, always laughing, always making jokes, always a pleasure to have around.

Ever since I can remember, he would always tell me he would take me out for a banana split, and if he couldn't do it at the time, he would slip me some money, so I could buy myself one. Even up until the week before he died he told me that he still owed me some money for a banana split. I found some guy who had blogged about him, on the internet, after his passing, and wanted to share it here, as it sums up how Pop lived his life.

Posted by: questingparson on 5/2/2007

The Reverend Dwight Nysewander died Saturday. My heroes are departing one by one, with an ever increasing frequency it seems. And this old world and, especially, this old church seem sort of empty without them.

Funny, if you made a transcript of the words that passed between the two of us over our lives as pastors it wouldn’t fill three good pages. But, there would be no possible way to measure the esteem in which he was held by this old parson.

When he was a young preacher coming into his prime, I was a restless soul coming to grips with the rest of my life. He never counseled me on that. He never gave me words of guidance. I doubt he even knew I was conflicted over the church. But I watched him nevertheless. I watched him as he labored as the pastor of my mama and her sisters and their families. I saw the concerned evidenced in his face when mama talked of the demon of alcohol that plagued her kids. I watched the smile travel over his face as my cousin Sally grew to the servant of Christ she is.

The heyday of my mama’s church was the day of Dwight’s ministry there. He’d give God the glory, but it seems clear the instrument God used to build that church was Dwight. There was a quiet, gentle, steadfast plodding toward that which is eternal in the endeavors of Dwight’s life.

I had a lot of kin folks in that church – a lot. Long after Dwight had retired, fifty years after his serving there, he could still discuss the intimate details of the life of my family who attended there. And they, when the spoke of him, spoke with a smile on their face and a reverence in their heart.

Dwight was short, unassuming and humble. In many ways he was shy. He never made a big splash, but the waters seemed to part before him. He was a giant. He walked tall and cast a shadow in whose shade we could all gather to learn of the love of his Jesus. No one ever had to ask Dwight Nysewander if he were a Christian.

They tell me the last thing Dwight said was to his wife: “I love you, Mary.” And that’s so typical. His last conscious impulse was to proclaim his love. They also say in the end he was singing hymns with some choir. His son wonders if Dwight was slipping away to that place he wanted so much to go and then coming back to share the songs of his faith with us.

We stood there at his memorial service, singing those same hymns. I got the feeling was we reached that verse about being “there ten thousand years” Dwight, for the last time, slipped out the side door of our lives and left us to sing the hymns of faith his very life proclaimed.

I look around the set-aside brethren today and realize how poverty stricken we are compared to such lions of the faith.
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