Friday, May 11, 2007

Things Isaiah loves

I am back ruling this blogdom! I let JM have his fun but now I'm back and better than ever!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA (imagine a wicked laugh) I figured more pictures of Isaiah need to be floating around this world so here I am to post:) I love my life and I love my husband and my girl. There is alot going on right now and we're praying about where God is taking us and what the next step in our lives may be... India? Marietta? Nepal? Minneapolis? Kansas City? Aruba???!!!! Haahaa J/k about the aruba. No, we are just in a place where we feel God could logistically move us easily and we're greatful to be in this position and we really just want what is best for our relationship with God, this world, Isaiah Grace and our marriage, so if our location has an effect on any of those things, we're ready and willing to go where ever. So please pray with us if you hAve a sec... we'd REALLY appreciate it! Anyway, here are some cute photos!

She is very modest... note her use of the alphabet to prevent future inappropriate photos being leaked onto the internet.

She loves playin' with her daddy:)

She loves the computer and likes to see how much saliva it can actually handle! (Amy, do you recognize the table in the back ground? Yep, its yours, painted it black!)

She loves her P. (He's not going to love me for posting this!)

PS-thank you to everyone who helped make yesterday a million times easier! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU!


carolineb said...

Oh my gosh, that black and white should be on every billboard on every highway. It should be the background on every church bulletin and the cover of every magazine.

Katie B said...

I was thinking that naked one...

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