Friday, June 24, 2011

Top 5 Friday

This post is in response to my good pal Annie's blog. Check it out. She's real. She's funny. (yep, wait for it.) She's real funny.

She does a top 5 on Fridays and today's is about what you would HAVE TO HAVE in a carry-on on a long flight. Here's my answer:

ok, my fav part about your post is that you did it at 5am! Amazing! Here's my struggle w/ this top 5: I haven't traveled in 5 years without a little person or persons tagging along. This being said, I could travel by myself with NOTHING but the humm of the aircraft... Well, and my phone, but that's a freeby, right?
So here's my top 5 with all 3 children and a husband in tow (thankfully, liquor is included in the flight, not just for me, but so I can buy a round for the passengers in our area.):
Because the purse doesn't count it would be crammed full of any emergency item for the traveling companions.
1. Snacks (I don't go anywhere without proper sustenance.)
2. Zaya's Mamie (her blanket/lovie)
3. crayons and coloring book
4. Laptop, equipt with all the most awesome movies.
5. About $1000 in 1's so that I can pay for the drinks that will keep my fellow passengers happy while my can't-sit-still-for-longer-than-5-minutes 3-year old and my I-have-my-own-ideas-about-how-this-should-work 18 month old drive those around us slightly mad. I didn't include Zaya in the mix because she's typically quiet and happy for the most part. The other two are happy and pleasant most of the time but on a long flight, they might go a little crazy. (They get it from their mother.)

So that is it! Bon voyage! I'd love to hear your top 5 as well!

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