Saturday, August 23, 2008

August Updates

Its been a while since either Bekah or I have posted on here, so Im gonna give you a few updates, of what is going on w/ the crazy Nysewander Clan.

First off we are moving again. This time next week we should be settling into our new home in Marietta, near the square! Its kinda the other side of town, and we are very excited to step into our new place. Just for those not counting....we have been married for five years (Aug 2nd) and this my friends is our 11th move. Our record cant be beat, but I am counting on slowing down for the next few years. For those of you with nothing on your schedule next weekend, come help a brotha move..

Tomorrow I turn 30. Crazy. I feel like I have lived a very full life so far, and just another chapter to be opened tomorrow.

Today was an amazing day in the southland. I pretty much loved being outside, as the feeling of fall is soon approaching. I love it, cool breeze, leaves falling, outside grillin, midnight fires in the fire pit, and lots and lots of football....which leads me to my next point....

Thats right, the dawgs are number one, and I have some bold predictions for football this fall. I think the Dawgs will be number one when the season is over as well. I think they go all the way through this schedule, and I even see a shutout coming to someone, w/ the defense that they have. It could be next week against GA Southern, but here is to hoping its against Mr Heisman Tebow. I see the Gators possessing one loss coming into the game Nov. 1, and the dawgs being undefeated. The game that scares me the most is against Auburn. Hopefully its the first game we play if we trip up and not when we face them in the SEC Championship game, although I even see Mississippi State making a good run for the SEC West.

For those not too interested in talking football, here is something else to mark your calenders for. He is coming to the ATL on October 17th, No excuses, the man is the most entertaining undiscovered talent out there. Get tickets... you wont be disappointed....
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