Saturday, May 31, 2008

Computer issues

I will admit that my family is very ghetto in certain areas. We kinda just takes what comes to us, and use whatever is given to us, or we end up with. In other words its not often that we go out of our way to get something new, except diapers, that would be wierd if used diapers were sold. Even used cloth ones...gross. Anyway, we had three computers that were all given to us at one time or another, and since we have been here have come across problems with all three of them, and are unable to access the outside world. It is good to announce that two out of the three have been rigged to be working now. Awesome. I love when things like that happen, cause its easy on the wallet and we didn't have to hire the geek squad to come fix our problems.

We are settling in here in Marietta well now. Things are finally where they should be, in our little home, and aside from a few boxes where we don't have a place to put them, we are home. Its pretty sweet to have both sets of grandparents like w/in 5 miles, for our kids to run into their homes, unannounced. Something we missed pretty badly up in Minnesota. Since the above computer story applies we have no pictures on this one to show of our amazing kids, but I do have some stories.

1. IGN has successfully gone tt in the potty, just like Elmo. (its the little victories)

2. Jacob laughed for the first his sister...who else?

3. IGN has a big fascination with her passy which she calls a MINA. We have no idea why, but we just went with it. We decided that we were going to break her of it during the day, and only give it to her in the crip. So on the dreadful morning I didn't know what the reaction was going to be, or how we would even break the news. Bekah came through w/ her motherly skills (kinda like Napoleon and Nun-Chucks) while we were changing her diaper and said, "okay now Mina has worked so hard, he needs to rest, cause he worked through the night for you." IGN thought hard about it, and then threw it in the crib and said "night night mina". Amazing. Now she wants to nap a bit more to spend time w/ her mina, but it has worked so far.

Thats all I got for now. Pictures to follow. Maybe we will get some pics on this computer soon to show off our kiddos.
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