Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I think birthdays are very funny. I mean as a kid it was EVERYTHING. I would get so pumped for like 2 months before the big day was actually here and then I would rock out and make my self the most important person ever for a day (even if I was the only who thought so) and I would be crazy sad when my day was over. It doesn't feel the same anymore and I think I enjoy celebrating other people so much more, maybe that comes with maturity? And by saying that am I saying that I'm more mature? What the heck?! I don't want to be more mature! I think I have to be for a little while... I need a lesson on 'Being Fun and Goofy While Teaching Your Children to Function Properly in a Social Setting and to Love God and Others'. If anyone has experience in this field, please, feel free to pass on all wisdom and insight! Sometimes I think I'm taking the whole parenting thing too seriously and then I think of how jacked up our world is and I think I should take it a whole lot more seriously. What the heck is a girl to do? i mean, thats the ting, I'm just a girl... how am I supposed to know how to do this? Dang. Well, I think I should start by taking a shower... I mean, at least I'll be clean, right?


Michael, Cari , Gabriella, and Caleb said...

I lOve you Bekah- and you are a GREAT Mom. Isaiah Grace is just so blessed. I can't wait for your BIRTHDAY :-)

carolineb said...

You ain't no 29! It's scientifically impossible. I'm sorry I'm not there to celebrate you properly. But, it won't always be Winter and never Christmas.

tatum said...

ditto to all you said about birthdays...its weird huh?

and another ditto...to that first comment. i love the way you mom.

nysewanders said...

I miss you kids!

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