Thursday, October 25, 2007

3:30 Saturday on CBS

Here we are, quickly approaching the most exciting, unique game in college football. I love this game. I love that it is played every year at a the neuteral site, I love that the tickets are sold evenly to both fans 50/50, I love looking at the crowd and seeing the invisible line seperating the red and black from the orange and blue. I love right up until the end, and then ever since I have started started following the dawgs, I have been upset and disappointed. Granted I have only been a Georgia fan for maybe three years, apparently I could have been a fan for the last 17 years and be disappointed with this matchup. Since I have been a dawgs fan I have had plenty of reason to get excited, plenty of reasons to be proud of our team. In that time, I can think of several times where the other team was heavily favored, and we came out mad and ready to play, and walked out with a victory. But this game, this one is different. This is the one we look at on the schedule at the beginning of the season, and typically count it as a loss, long before the opening kickoff. This year the gators are favored by 9 points. However it seems like we could be setting up for the perfect storm this year. I know we are capable of beating them. We manhandled the Auburn Tigers, who have found a way to beat the Gators. Man do we need a win this year. This IS the year for college football upsets. We just had a bye week last week, so we are rested and fresh. Florida has just come off a very physical game against UK, in which Tebow got banged up a bit, Stafford needs to make a QB statment, Richt needs to start winnning consistently against the Gators, and every year it seems that UGA always pulls out a win that they shouldn't have won. Why not now? My mind, and the stats say the dawgs will get blown out by the Heisman Hopeful Timbo. I say we take him out of the game, and show the gators that the Dawgs still have bite. What do yall think will happen? Well Bill, I know what you think. Let me here your support for the dawgs. Can we please make this happen again? Go Dawgs, Sic EM!


ManUtd17 said...

First, I love the t-shirt.

Second, I enjoy this game as well. More so over the last 17 years. But I remember the 1980 game and that gut-wrenching ending (and the majority of those Dooley-era games -- when you never heard the dogs complaining about the Jax location). So as I see it, I've sort of earned the right to really enjoy the last 17 years.

I think this is a year where UF has more talent than UGA. That's not necessarily a good thing in this game. But I think Tebow helps carry the team to a victory in his home town. He had the deer-in-headlights first half against Auburn that cost us that game. He raised his game at LSU even though we lost. Last week in Lex, he did everything he needed to get the W. There might be a letdown this week, but I think Tebow and Co. understand the importance of this game -- especially since we still control our own destiny in the East --and will put enough points on the board to get the win. I'm calling it 31-20.

The Wittz said...

i'm with you JM go Dawgs
GOOD luck bro!!!!!!

greg. said...

ummm, no. sorry bro. gators by 13. just watch.

carolineb said...

I'm yawning. Literally yawning.

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