Wednesday, October 10, 2007

God is good. I am enjoying what is going on here, and my girls are loving life here too. Isaiah Grace is making more friends than Bekah and I are (actually she draws them to us with her smile, and wave- she waves to everyone here, and we leave a room? She is waving to everyone and saying "Bye-Bye!") We have an incredible child, who most of yall in Georgia probably wouldn't even recognize at this point as she is so different from when we left.

Today I was walking across the campus lawn, the air was crisp, the wind was threatening winter, fall has arrived! Bekah says it is her favorite time of year, and I think I am with her. Its just the perfect temperature here. Minnesota may not offer the most comfortable winters but they have amazing fall seasons. We went from 80s and 90s to 40s and 50s in like a day. There were actually a few days when it was colder in Atlanta than it was here. Bekah has become freakishly observant of the weather, as she now has to dress two in the morning.

I wanted to say that the Lord has blessed us a lot so far. We have everything we need here, and then some, cause thats just how the Lord rolls. He loves to give good things to his children. For some reason they waived our rent here for the month of September. Amazing. I just wanted to let everyone know that God is blessing us. We don't know what kind of support is going to come in, but I felt like God told me this week to not worry, but to trust him. I think he is also opening up a job for me on campus, more on that as it unfolds.


ManUtd17 said...

Glad to hear that things are going well. The changes in IGN will come rapid fire now. Hold on for the ride!

And Bekah is right. This is the best time of year!

carolineb said...

I'm aching for some IGNation.

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