Saturday, August 25, 2007

29 years and Im okay...I got no place to call my home...

I am very blessed. I had dinner with both sets of folks tonight, and Austin, Billy and the kids. The food was nothing short of scrumptious. Steak (w/mushrooms/onions on top), potatoes covered in butter, buttery bread, and cheesecake with cherries on top. There is a tradition in the Crisp family of making whatever meal the Birthday person wants. This was my choice. It was perfect, and I am full. I turned 29 yesterday and I am feelin young. Bekah and I went out for dinner at Red Lobster. Not too impressed. I used to love going there, but it was just kinda ghetto this time. I dont like spending a lot of money at a ghetto place. I think it was just a childhood love of that place, and I think it ended on my 29th birthday. It was everything from the food not being great to the waitress telling me that they couldn't even give me free ice cream cause they were cutting back. Lame. I mean like Wendy's would probably give you a free frosty if you told em it was your big day of the whole year. I may try that next year. We ended the date with the Bourne Ultimatim flick. WOW, that movie is, well its needing to be seen by you.

Dinner tonight was a good ending to the move that I've been trying to swallow for the last few days. It's been tough. Thinking of pulling the fam up north and dreading the day that Isaiah sounds like anything other her southern grandmothers when she talks. Im going to miss everything down here, but I must say, I know its right. I feel it in my bones. I dont know what all lies ahead but I know who is leading us, which I guess is all you really need to know, right? The Lord is stirring things up, and we are taking the plunge. I love that feeling where you know its right. I don't always feel it in our decisions but man I am feeling it in this one. I dont think its hit us yet, and it will be tough. We are almost out of our apartment, and are going to be fully at Mom n Dads for the next few weeks. We need your prayers. I am excited about what lies ahead in Minneapolis, but we are gonna miss so much here. Its late, Im going to try for sleep.


Michael, Cari , Gabriella, and Caleb said...

Dude! What day are you guys coming
You know that I get to spend as much time with your girl as you did mine right? She needs to know her Cari if she is going to be BFF with Caleb!
Michael says send the coke thing his way!
Man guys, what a move, we will be praying for you four!
Give everyone hugs from me.
See you soon

tatum said...

happy 29 years JM!

i'm sad that y'all are leaving, but i'm so glad that you feel so right-on. that is such a great feeling.

and i too have seen red lobster for what it really is. why do kids like that place so much? me and annie loved it when we were little. but it really is just gross and trashy. maybe it was nicer back then?

Annie said...

Call me crazy, but I still dig their crab legs.

Thanks for being brave.

nysewanders said...

I love our friends

nysewanders said...

That was Bekah by the way, not that I dont love you guys but just so you dont think JM is going all sappy, and its an all girl comment so far, so I didn't want anyone getting freaked out. :) Tatum, yes I think its a childhood thing. Like McDonalds as we were growing up. Now it just makes my stomach turn. Yes Red Lobster has been revealed for who they are. A ghetto place with dang good biscuits. I do need to give em props for that.

carolineb said...

I love those cheesy garlic biscuits. And their red french dressing. But, it's not the Red L of our yesterdays.

I didn't know it was your birthday on Friday. I feel bad for not speaking to you. I've decided to be done being a big fat baby. Loving y'all is worth the pain.

ManUtd17 said...

Can't tell you the last time I went to Red Lobster. Don't miss it either.

I'm excited about your move to MN. You are young. Do it now. Not because you're young but because it's where you feel led to go!

Don't forget to pack a lot of those hand-warmer thingies. REI is having a sale. You might want to swing by!

Arika said...

Happy Birthday a few days late!

And thanks for your encouragement too. When are you guys headed up here? In time for the unofficial reunion? Witts and Amanda, Heather the Dugans and who knows who else?!? Good times, hope to see you soon and that cute baby of yours!

Arika and Haddie

Michael, Cari , Gabriella, and Caleb said...

Hey ,
Guess what. The Dugans are following you to Bethany! We are renting an apartment there at the end of May!!! Yeah! I am soooo soooo excited.
Love you guys

greg. said...

dude, i must weigh on the red lobster discussion. i mean, i will agree that it isn't exactly a "real" seafood restaurant, but when you grow up in the middle of this big ol' country (like in kentucky) red lobster is like this little oasis - an escape from rocks, hills and dirt - where you can imagine that you are at the beach. just ordered something fried (like a bunch of shrimp or something) and eat biscuits. what do they do to those biscuits to make them so freaking good? listen, in my opinion, RL is worth it just for the biscuits. i'm not playing. i usually ask for more biscuits right before i am leaving and then ask them to wrap up the whole basket for me to take home. i also ask if they will throw a few extra in there. i usually go home with 8-10 little buttery peices of heaven.

call it ghetto if you want, but, seriously, john mark, you are a fool if you turn your back on those biscuits.

i'm just sayin.

nysewanders said...

You have finally commented on my blog. Consider me Honored. Good to hear from you. Let the record state that I love me some Buttery Biscuits from the RL, but after this past visit, thats where my love for the place ends. Besides I always remember going there while I was growing up, and feeling bad for the lobsters in the tanks with their pinchers in the rubber bands. Then that just gets you thinking bout them killing them, and well its just something you dont want to consider while your mouth is watering and your getting ready to eat some grub. Thats all Im sayin.

greg. said...


ManUtd17 said...


So what happened with the Ole Ball Coach yesterday?

nysewanders said...

Spurrier got away with a victory, thats what happened. Georgia had an off game, and SC had a good one. We obviously dropped a lot of passes that should have been caught. South Carolina is the real deal though this year. I would be careful before you talk smack, because yall haven't played them yet. We beat them last year 18-0 with Staffords debut, you guys beat them b/c of a blocked field goal. You might want to count that one as an L coming your way on the schedule. Im just sayin.

ManUtd17 said...

Actually we blocked 3 kicks in that game last year. When you see a weakness, you try to exploit it. So no talk about how that should have been an "L" or how we were lucky to win. 1 blocked kick may be lucky. 3 is not.

I'm not talking smack. I was just inquiring about what happened. I am well aware of Spurrier's ability and the improvement in talent he has there. Not overlooking anyone. He beat us at SC in 2005, so we know what to expect.

Our young defense has it's work cut out for it this week with Tenn. I hope we get more of a pass rush this week or Ainge could pick us apart. Wouldn't be surprised to see this game in the 42-35 range. And the winner could be either team. I'll go with us only because we are at home.

nysewanders said...

Just as you aren't talking smack about the GA game, I never said your win last year was luck. Yall should have won, as you got the job done when you needed to. The fact is the game came down to that field goal, and the gators took care of buisness. Either way the sec race will be fun to watch this year. I think the LSU team is gonna be a tough one for anyone to beat. I think when the GA/FL game comes up, we both may have a couple Ls under our belt, but we will both be ready to play by then too.

ManUtd17 said...

That LSU team looks like the real deal, but I never lose hope when I look across the field and see Les Miles sitting there. Anything can happen.

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