Thursday, November 13, 2008


I've been away from my my blog world for a while. I have managed to write a few notes to Bean and Zaya and that is always fun. I really enjoy getting to tell them how I feel about them because now they don't care/understand but i know one day they will.

Anyway, things are chaotically calm here, if that makes any sense. JM lost his job a month ago or so ago and we're finding it hard to get a new one. its crazy how when things seem like they would be the worst God's hand points us to beauty and treasures surrounding us that we never noticed before. I'm so content to go along in this life busily doing what is before me and staying focused on the ground where my next step will rest but in moments like this when there is NO WHERE else to step I stop, look up and look around and how great this place is that I am. Why haven't I been enjoying this place more? Why have been so focused on where I put my feet along this path? So right now I am enjoying my life and my family, our beautiful home and most of all the presence of my faithful God. Sometimes I think that maybe I shouldn't be relaxed because everything seems to say that when things are hard or you don't have money that the first thing you do is stress and get worried. I'm just not. I have my moments where I'm like, 'what are we going to do?' but God has never let us down and I don't think he plans to start now:) So all things considered, life is good here in Marietta and I am blessed.

Here is a kid update:

J. Bean is awesome and wonderful and I could just snuggle with him all day long. He weighs like a million pounds, ok, only 21.5, but after toting him around all day, it feels like a million! He is amazingly resilient and can get hit, scratched, knocked over, whatever, and he won't cry he will just get right back up and keep moving toward his goal. I'm going to learn a lot from this little man. Basically he is a precious ball of love!

Oh my princess. She is definitely a two year old and reminds me of it everyday, but despite the sass, she is sweet and fun and is going to show this world a thing or two when we let her out into it:) She is beautiful through and through and she loves to pray and sing and I am blessed every time I look at her.

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