Thursday, April 19, 2007

Yes, i am alive!

Well, right now my beautiful daughter is crying in bed after her 15 minute afternoon nap. Yes, thats correct... 15 minutes. Life is funny sometimes and so is Isaiah Grace. This is a picture post, so enjoy!
She loves her Auntie Caroline ( I think you should publish my pictures for me!)

She only has the cutest face I, personally, have ever seen.

She's sportin' her shades and knowing that she looks awesome! She is tons of fun! I think babies in shades are the best kind of babies.

A side note: I just went to check on the girl and she was lying on her back (shes a tummy sleeper) wailing as if she didn't know how to get back on to her stomach. Um, she's been rolling over for months now. Hilarious! Speaking of wailing, she looks desperate doesn't she.

Wailing on 2/27/2007 3:34pm

3:34pm 20 seconds later

3:35 pm... is it mean that I take pictures of my child as she screams. I did it to document a little bit of her personality that i will reveal to her when she is 14 and doesn't want me around.
Because here she is at 3:35 and 15 seconds:Perfectly happy without a tear in the arms of her mother, hmmm..... I know, i spoil her and I pick her up when ever she wants, but I LOVE her and I can't help it!

Look at how meaty her legs are!!!! I just want to gnaw on them... sorry? Dang she looks like John Mark! (I mean in the face... not the legs)

The girl and her daddy:) He's an amazing dad... I love every second with him!

Happy Easter!
Isaiah and cousin Morgan. (What do you think of the Elvis lip?) She LOVES her cousin!

Well, I guess that's it for now, I'll try to do better at posting stuff. We're moving this weekend and I'll get some funny transition photos. Our life is out of control, I think thats how God likes for it to be. We are blessed beyond measure and everyday I am amazed at the God we serve and how He loves how He created us. I need to live this life like I am a product of the King of Kings... dang. Life really is an adventure.

"Peace out" -Kiplin Ronald Dynamite


Annie said...

It's about time your pixie haircut made it on to the internet. Welcome back, sister.

laurakirkland said...

Lovin' the hair cut. Okay, look at the first "wailing" pic with head down. I couldn't help but notice the legs below the surface of the excersaucer... I could eat those alive! I only have the right to point those out because I was called the Michelin Tire Baby when I was that age. Yeah. Lovin' life as and adventure. We are right on that train with you.. Just ENJOY! GOT ta get Isaiah with Hen...

Lora said...

hey girl! thanks for the comment on my blog! great to hear from you. your little girl is getting so big! and your hair looks so cute! i love it!! wasn't it short like that when i met you at crusade years ago?
have a great day

AmyFritch said...

Hey you!! LOVE the do - you look so sophisticated! Glad to hear your blog voice again!

Katie B said...

That second pic looks SO much like John Mark.
Man she's dang cute.
I love that pic of you and her... your hair is adorable!
I will eat you both.

carolineb said...

Good GOSH i love y'all.

tatum said...

she is so flippin cute!!!!! i can't wait to squeeze her! my favorite is the elvis.

and i LOVE your hair!

h. said...

dang!!! i didn't know IG could rock the shades like that!! go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i should of known with a momma who's so good at putting out the vibe.

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