Saturday, March 29, 2008

A few more pics!

Our beautiful babies:

Here is our IGN, the wonderful, beautiful treasure that she is:

He is one beautiful boy! I can't imagine my life with out him.


Annie said...

Did you get a onesie in the mail yet? I'm worried it went to the wrong place!

Writeaway said...

That little boy is certainly a Nysewander!!!! How darling. And IG is darling too.

Glad to have you guys moving here again soon so we can watch those babies grow up. And Elijah will have more friends!

Dugans said...

I love the one of her resting her hand on her chin coloring with JM.
And Jacob is beautiful- hurts so much that soon we will have to say goodbye. Please Please don't go...okay?

ManUtd17 said...

Great pics. Those are some cute kids! See ya soon!

Katie B said...

She is going to be the best big sister EVER!!!

Jacob is a pretty color... he's beautiful!
I want to squeeze him, BAD.
And that girl couldn't get much cuter.
Ah, I love them sooooo much!!!!

I love you guys!

And that pancakes for breakfast book is about chocolate chip pancakes isn't it? I knew it... :)

Lora said...

he's so cute! looks like john mark! congratulations! lora

carolineb said...

He looks like JMs DAD! I expanded the very top one, omg. When I get home from 'you know where' I'm going to STEAL HIM!

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