Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bekah Update

Hey yall, not much has changed since the last blog, except a lot more pain for Bekah, yet still no baby Jacob!!! We are excited to see him, but he is prolonging his debut a bit longer than we thought he would. Bekah is sure that he is protesting being born in Minnesota, and wants to have Atlanta on his passport, like his big sis. The doctor told us last Thursday that we should have the baby w/in 24 hours, but apparently Jacob had different plans. Bekah's folks flew out, because of the doctors confidence in the labor, but instead of helping us with baby #2, they have just been cookin' up a storm, and hanging with IGN. Even pops got his toenails painted by IGN, and we have pics to prove it. Priceless. She attempted to get daddy to do his, but I convinced her that its not normal for daddys to do that. Grandparents is a different story. Maybe Jacob will come before they have to leave on Monday. Thanks for stoppin by, and we will post pics as soon as we have a baby. Keep prayin for Bekah and her stomach, as she is very nauseous.


carolineb said...

Why do you make us wait so, dear baby Jacob? We want to see you!

Jonathan said...

this is amy..... (jonathan makes me tell people its me because i think he might be embarrassed of some of the things i write, i know john mark cant relate!)

anyway......i am a blog stalker. bad. i dont have a blog of my own, but i love reading others. so, unbeknownst to you, i have kept up with your pregnancy, your move, your baby girl, etc.

soooo....i write this to say, we need daily updates on bekah and jacob!!!! i come to your blog today to find bekah in the "same state." which, she may be, but we need to hear that today!!!!!

i KNOW you must be ready for a thousand reasons bekah!!!

Writeaway said...

We are praying for you right now!!!

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