Monday, February 25, 2008

My turn!

ok, so most things that people don't know about me are pre-1996, when I got saved (and you don't want to know the silliness I was involved in), so this will be 10 things-you-may-not-know-about-me post 1996.

1- Since becoming a mom I realize that I don't really like music just for the sake of music. silence speaks to my soul.

2- most of my life I wished I was a boy... men just always seemed more important and I was convinced that I was pretty important.

3- When I spend time with the Lord, I get excited about what God is doing in the world, in the lives of others, in my own life, etc., and it always makes me wish I were a preacher. I just feel this deep burning to get up somewhere and tell everyone what an amazing God we serve and of His deep love for us. I want to inspire.

4- I kissed John Mark first.

5- I am much more nervous about being a mother of 2 than I was about being a first time mom.

6- Once when I lived in Hawaii, i jumped off of an 80 ft cliff into the ocean. Apparently the whole 'free-falling' thing was very relaxing for me because upon hitting the water I got a massive water enema and I couldn't move my legs for about 3 minutes. It was awesome, I recommend it.

7- At the end of everyday I seriously have no idea what tomorrow will bring... I carry my passport to the grocery store.

8- i will never diet. I will exercise until it kills me, but I will eat what I want- I love food.

9- I love looking at house plans. I have no idea where this came from but I LOVE it!

10- For my birthday, my favorite thing to do is to go to a particular cemetery in Marietta with JM, watch the sun set, eat calazones we picked up from an italian place and smoke a cigarette. It is probably the only cigarette I have all year long and I never finish it, but its something we do together and a memory we share- its my favorite memory. I didn't get to do it this year because we were here in MN and I'm pregnant... I would have enjoyed the calazone and the time w/ JM but not the cigarette!

Well, thats it... it took me 1 hour and 15 minutes to think of 10 things!Lame.

Now I'm tagging Ruth Allen and Tammy H!


Katie B said...


Good 10 things... so good.

brad said...

What the hell is #10 about?!

carolineb said...

#9 came from Mikey B!

Katie said...

I love #4, my kind of woman. Hope you're feeling OK. Your mom and I were shopping in the boy stuff at Born Again Blessings. It was weird to be getting boy stuff.

Ruth Allen Bryant said...

Hey! Checked up on you last night through Mark..he spoke at StoneBridge. I'm totally with you on the food it. I will never diet either, BUT I think it would be a lie to say I would exercise my butt off. Looking forward to meeting Jacob. (That was Caroline's alternate name)

greg. said...

hey ya'll. two things:

1. i finally answered my tag on my blog today.

2. i found a christmas card for you today in a jacket pocket that i guess i haven't worn for a couple of months. oops. i threw it in the mail. so you'll be expecting that...


Writeaway said...

But doesn't the cigarette ruin the taste of the calzone?

I'm sorry, but #10 stumps me... the man you love, a cemetery, a calzone and a cigarette? I mean, who THOUGHT of this ritual in the first place? Perhaps #10 is a result of the whole pre-1996 years.... I'm just sayin'...

:>) Love you!

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