Monday, February 11, 2008

There is more to come!!

Dang we had a fun weekend of laying around, laughing and just being silly. Here is one video from KTB's visit... this is just one of MANY, so GET READY!!!!

PS- please ignore the mounds of laundry


Katie B said...

This video makes me laugh just as hard the 17th time I watched it as I did when it was actually going down in your hallway.

Fav Quotes...
"You're acting like a crazy person!"

"What are you thinking son, I mean daughter..."

The epitome of BIG GOOD TIMES.

ManUtd17 said...

Love the leg lamp nightlight.

We were in Gatlinburg last weekend. Saw a full-size leg lamp for sale in one of the windows. Resisted the urge to purchase it though.

carolineb said...

Stumbling around in the laundry licking stuff and bumping your head on purpose while Daddy wonders out loud in the King of the Hill voice what the h is wrong with you son = the funniest video I've ever seen in my whole life. Ever!

Rachele said...

OH my gosh, I followed the link off of your facebook and it led me to this FREAKING awesome video!!! There's nothing better than a baby who licks everything and bangs her head into walls :) I love how much she was enjoying your reaction.

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