Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Someone please tell me who I am!


Growing up I HATED personality/gifts/strenth/weakness tests, I hated anything that tried to tell me who I am. I didn't want anyone to put me in a box or in a category. I felt very sure of who i was and each time I took one of those little tests I felt like trivial little questions should not be able to discover the core of who I am.

Well, things have changed. The lovely Katie Bedingfield was in town for a visit this past weekend which was a glorious time spent with a dear friend. Anyway, she brought JM and I a book called StrengthsFinder 2.0 and it is a book that involves a test. I was so pumped to take the test because I needed to hear that who I am now means something. As a soon-to-be mom of two I forget that I have a personality and that who I am is ok. I don't need to be constantly conforming into something adventurous and awe-inspiring, who I am is fine.

One thing I learned from my top 5 strengths (relator, activator, belief, responsibility- don't laugh, achiever) is that I am a relator. I laughed inside when that showed up as my #1 because these days I relate w/ VERY few adults on an adult level. I find being with adults is difficult because I don't have much to offer in conversation. After reading the description of a relator I was AMAZED because I felt so understood! Tom Rath (author) knows who I am! :-) As a 'relator' it said that I love to relate but not with everyone or new acquaintances, but with deep, established friendships. A 'relator' gets drained and can struggle through connecting with people on the surface (which is new for me because I used to be SO out there with anyone and every one) but put me with an old friend who I can be vulnerable with and I thrive. The book also said that once a new friendship has crossed the thresh-hold of vulnerability then a 'relator' can begin relating but exposing the deeper things is hard.

I've struggled here in MN because I don't have close friends. Don't get me wrong!!! I have great friends here who are supportive and encouraging and wonderful, but because of who I am, I only get so close. Instead of trying to overcome who I am and be different, this book is teaching me to learn how to use it all for the positive and learn how to function within my strengths. Its a good book, I recommend it.

Ok, as promised, more videos from our fun weekend! We are all missing KTB and IGN is still wondering where she is and that is sad.

IGN and KTB duet:

yummy lemon:

more of meal time, this time with rice on her head:

Oh yeah, and I'm pregnant:


carolineb said...

YUMMY LEMON! "Isaiah Grace, what the h is wrong with you son?" I'm still not over it. Happy Balumtinth Day.

Writeaway said...

Get this - my whole company took the strength finer test and then based project groups, tasks forces and job descriptions on it! It might be overkill....

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