Friday, June 6, 2008

Hello again

I've been away from blogland for a while but I wanted to post some new pics of my rapidly growing kiddos. As the mom of 2 now my life feels crazy but I LOVE it! JM makes it easy (when he's home!)and my kids are precious:)

Jacob's first bath.

Daddy and his mini-me!

Daddy's little helper

Feeding bro a cookie.

My pretty princess

Dang! I love his smile!

Little ones in the bed


Anonymous said...

Y'alls kids are the cutest! So...I heard about the 'flood'. How awful. So sorry guys! We miss y'all!

Tammy H said...

hey yall. Cute pics. Jacob is adorable. Isaiah is as cute as ever. Miss yall!

Jonathan said...

amy here:

i think john mark has 2 mini-me's! they both look so much like him!

its a trait that runs in the baileys as well, both those kids are mini-me kyles!!!!

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