Tuesday, May 26, 2009

11 weeks and counting!

So now that our Little One is 11 weeks old, i realize that we may know pretty soon what the sex is for our new little addition. I go back to see the wonderful Richard in 2 weeks and then again 4 weeks after that, we will probably know something then, or have a good idea:) Anyway, we have names picked out either way, so this will be the earliest that any of our children have had a name! I posted a poll on the right to get a good general consensus about the over all guesses of our friends. I'll let you know what JM and I think: we think Peanut is a girl BUT once I saw the ultrasound pic I wasn't all to positive any more. So I am actually undecided, JM thinks we're having a girl. What do you think?

PS- I thought Zaya and Bean were both girls... I'm not a reliable source of information:)


AtlantaMama said...

yay! we're happy for yall. I voted a GIRL in your poll... but maybe I was bent by your "feeling" that it was a girl?!! We're excited to find out soon! We have an apt. tomorrow.

carolineb said...

I voted girl before I read the post. It seems the least imaginable to me so the most likely. Whoever it is, I love them!

Misty Davis said...

I voted for a GIRL! Honestly, I think I was being a little selfish. I MIGHT have made my decision based on the fact that we're having a girl, I tend to secretly hope everyone has girls!

I'm so excited for you guys!

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