Monday, May 4, 2009

I should get paid more for this

This morning I am having to take Zaya to the doctor because of a reaction to some antibiotics, she has been crying for 3 days straight and hasn't eaten for four, there is a roof leak right on her bed, the plumber is supposed to be coming out to fix a faucet leak in the bathroom, I haven't had a shower, my house is a mess, I need to get together papers for medical insurance that need to be in by the 10th (I got the letter yesterday), my house is a mess and I'm hungry but nothing really sits right these days.

I need a vaction.


AtlantaMama said...

I'm sorry that she's had such a bad reaction. I hope she will be well SOON!

You guys need a babymoon vacation!

carolineb said...

If baby girl isn't eating, well I just don't know. I want to help.

steve and randel hambrick said...

vacation sounds great!! where are we going?? :)

Lora said...

congrautations on baby #3! that's great news... i miss singing with you, girl. take care, lora

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