Saturday, January 2, 2010

Our girl is 2 weeks and 2 days old... an update is needed!

A lot has gone on in our house since I last posted. Zaya had a Christmas party at school and she was an all star as usual and we were so proud to see her interact with her friends and sing fun songs (she was the only one really singing... we can't get her to stop!) She had a great Christmas and loves her new sis! She is such a little mommy. She carries her Bitty Baby around the house all the time and loves to change her clothes and diapers, rock her, but her in her swing, take her around the house in her stroller, read to her... its precious! She just amazes me every day with what a neat kid she is.
Zaya and her teachers (we LOVE them!):

Jacob is his usual fun and happy self. He is adjusting to the new sister pretty good. He's a bit more cuddly and needs some extra quality time, but I enjoy it! He is super into trains right now... and cars and trucks, basicly anything with wheels:) He's leaving baby-ness behind and becoming a little boy more and more each day... sad. He is VERY athletic which is no surprise to us because he's been so active for so long, but he loves to throw and play catch (he has a great arm) and he will kick a ball around our yard for hours on end:) His smile is awesome and it steals my heart. Dang, I love my kids.
Bean with his BB (aka- his precious):

His bed-head is AWESOME!

Now for our new jewel: Miss Anna has arrived and has been with us for a couple of weeks now and is proving to be an amazing addition to our family! She was 9lbs, 9ozs and 21 1/4 inches (they mis-measured her at the hospital, when we went to the Dr. 2 days later she was amazingly 2 inches longer!) She sleeps great... I have to work real hard to keep her up during the day so that she'll sleep good at night:) She has been a great nurser from the beginning and only eats every few hours. With the other two I had to stretch out their meals and try to get them to go longer but Anna is a champ:) Sadly she has some reflux issues but it doesn't make her fussy. She just spits-up a lot after each feeding. We both end up soaked many times a day... I need a full-body burp cloth:) If this is our only issue, we're great! We think she may have dimples and shes not near as chunky as her sibs ( probably because of the reflux) but she is still in newborn clothes and the other two NEVER wore newborn... they went straight for 3 months:) She is sweet and laid back and I can't wait to get to know her more and more. She is just as amazing as her siblings... we are going to have so much fun in the years to come.

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and that 2010 is a great year, filled with great joy and the powerful presence of Jesus Christ... He is our hope and our salvation! Blessings! Bye for now!


carolineb said...

Ahhh, I love your family! Your kids are amazing! I love you, Bekah and John Mark! Love, love, love, love, love!

katie davis said...

sweet little angels. the nysewanders look good with 3 munchkins! i'm not going to think about the fact that we were in georgia and didn't see any of you...mostly because it's probably my fault. until next time!

Lora said...

congratulations! anna is so cute! great to see your little ones. :)

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