Sunday, January 31, 2010

Today is a better day :)

So here is the story about my sweet little Anna. She has reflux and there are some days when she naps normally and only spits up a little here and there. Some days however are like yesterday where she didn't sleep at all and was so over tired she just cried (not to mention the constant milk bath we were both getting). I was so over tired from having to hold her constantly and from the lack of sleep the night before and add to that the guilt of not being able to do ANYTHING for my other sweet ones besides absolute necessities, it was a really hard day. By about 3pm I had shut down emotionally. That may sound bad but I found it necessary just to prevent getting frustrated so I opted for indifference. Most of the time I can talk myself down, telling myself that this is just for a brief moment and soon it will all be over. But in those dark nights of the soul there is no comfort.

Anyway, all of this to say that today is better! My sweet little one is sleeping and happy and spitting up minimally. I just want her to be healthy and pain free. We have had her prayed for a couple of times which has worked wonders but for some reason it was just for a time. I don't always understand the ways of God, and I guess that is kind of a good thing- I mean what kind of God would he be if he thought the way I do. So, we are still battling reflux from time to time and as of today I am dairy, caffeine and acidic fruit free. She is worth it! (We'll see how I feel next time I'm at La Parilla and can't have cheese or salsa! heehee!)

Well tomorrow starts my February Project! I'm not sure who I'm going to start with yet. I have tried to cheat a little and write some entries before hand but I have found that there is some thing to be said about writing in the moment for the person that I am thankful for in that moment. I think it will be better that way:)

If you think to pray for my sweet Anna, I would appreciate it!

Oh, another thing! I'm going back to the gym! I haven't worked out consistently since Isaiah was born and I can't wait to get back in the saddle! We'll see how long it takes to drop my 30+ extra pounds remaining from each of my 3 treasures:)


Asst. (to the) Room Mom said...

I am praying for you. My little Noah is a spit-up machine as well. He's just recently started sleeping at night. I was so tired. I had times where I would excuse myself from older kids and just go to the bathroom and cry. I felt like everything was out of house, my schedule, my kids' schedules, etc. I know it sounds cliche but, it will get better. You are doing a great job. Your kids eat, sleep, and are clothed. What more could you ask for? Sleep, I know. But other than that? You are a fabulous Mom!

Asst. (to the) Room Mom said...

BTW, this is Valarie. I didn't know if you knew that I changed the name of my blog. It's also private now, so if you want to read it just let me know and I'll add your email address.

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