Monday, February 1, 2010

Virginia Louise Mulinix Crisp aka, mom

There are a couple of people that I am planning to write about that I knew a silly blog would not do the impact they have had on my life justice. One of those people is my mom. Let me preface by saying that I have a cold and I am insanely tired, so I hope this all makes sense:)
Ok, my mom. I don't know how she raised us and lived it through it. As a mother now myself, I feel for her and the difficulties she had to deal with having 2 kids 11 months apart. I remember as a kid having a stomach bug or strep throat and my mom would have it too and while I was lounging on the couch watching movies with jello, Popsicles and ginger ale, she would be in the kitchen as sick as she could be making me chicken noodle soup or what ever else suited my fancy. My mom truly is the most saintly person I have come across in this life. Some where along the way she evolved from the maker of soup to the thwarter of plans (plans in which I'm sure would have eventually killed me) to now where she is my greatest friend and alli. I know that no matter what happens, no matter how bad things are, my mom will do all that she can to make it better. The crazy thing about mom is that she is not just amazing as a mom but I see how she cares for others constantly and I know her desire to do so is not solely a result of maternal instinct but is a gift placed in by God to minister His heart to others. She is a perpetual giver and would live her life completely in want to see those around her blessed. When someone is ill or has a birthday or whatever, she is the first person to sign up to take a meal or bring a special treat to them. My mom looks for opportunities to bless others. She doesn't sit around and wait for the opportunity to fall in her lap or when they do make excuses about how busy she is, she spends her days thinking outward. Not only is she immeasurably kind hearted but she makes every occasion happier and her joy is contagious. If I'm having a bad day (which happens a bit more often these days) she is one person who I know will make the situation bright just by her presence.
So my mom has changed my life and blessed me in many ways, I mean, with out being to obvious, she gave me life. But on a deeper level, my mom has taught me how to be Jesus to others and how to see people for their very best. One day I hope that I am as positive and kind as my sweet and wonderful mom. For those of you who know her, you know how amazing she is and you all have a plenty of stories to share of her sweetness, but for those of you who haven't had the great privilege of meeting my mom, you are missing out on a treasure. I love you mom!

The 2 Louise's!

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