Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bill Tanner

I don't have much time on my hands today BUT I want to take a minute to blog. If you know me at all, you know I love to worship. I love to encounter the Lord through music and use music to bless Him. I love to lead others into the presence of God also because He is worthy and its a small thing that I can do to bring glory to His name. I mean if I'm going to worship, why not bring everyone I can along w/ me, right? Well, Bill Tanner changed my life because he gave me the opportunity to to do something I love. Not only did he bless me giving me the opportunity to lead worship but he also believed in me far more than I believed in myself and he pushed me to sing things that I was convinced I couldn't. I used to not believe that i had a good voice and I would tell people that I couldn't really sing because there are SO many people out there who are better than I am but Bill's confidence in me made me realize that I can use my voice to bless God and others. So short and sweet. Thanks Billio :)


AtlantaMama said...

love the shout out. love to hear you sing. love bill. love it all!!

Lora said...

i have so many great memories singing with you those many years ago! good times... :) lora

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