Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mikey B

Mike Bedingfield. He was like a second dad to me. He gave me job in college and I ended up working for him for like 6 years. His family, who were always friends, became family in that time. I found comfort and welcoming in their house. I hit his truck one time and he didn't fire me. Every time I house sat for the B-fields, something broke, and he didn't fire me. I painted his upstairs bathroom horribly (I had some help!) and he didn't fire me. There are a million other things that I didn't do quite right for him but he always had grace for me. I think my favorite summer ever was one year when he was basically running summer camp (oh, the good ol' days!) and I had so much fun doing videos, driving golf carts (rumor was I broke one... I think Mikey B smoothed it all over for me... love him!), and staying up all night filming skits and such. Dang I was tired after that week but have Mike around always made things more fun. He was always Jesus to me and I will always love him for it.

Thanks for letting me in to your world Mikey B, because it is now my world too and it has changed me forever!

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