Saturday, October 23, 2010


Sometimes my feelings get hurt... Really its not to often. When it does happen though it kind of gets me in the gut. Sadly when I get beyond the hurt feelings and hold the word that was spoken out at arms length, I can see the truth in it. Why is it that when I am seen as what I am and not what I want people to see that I am put off my someone else's honest insight? Am I more disappointed and my inability to put on a good show? I don't know, I'm not perfect, I'm not who I WANT to be. There is a better version of me out there. For now I can only rely on the Spirit to lead me today. Who I am tomorrow isn't up to me.
Cute kids make things better:

Anna made this face the entire day! It made for some impressive pics! Ha! But Zaya's face is priceless!! So Sweet!!!

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