Saturday, December 18, 2010



 This is Lydie Bug. She is Anna's best friend. They love each other and that is perfect. She is perfect.
 Her beautiful mom is one of my very closest friends. The kind of friend that you never have to work at to maintain the friendship. The kind of friend that will ALWAYS be a friend... even when we're 85.
 I love them, I love all 3 of them. They bless my life and give me great perspective. I don't think i would enjoy this life near as much with out them... God totally knew that!
 I look forward to walking our kids to school together one day and trying to figure out what to do when they start having crushes on boys. The great thing is that I will get to figure it all out with a friend.
 Lydie, you have a great family! You are surrounded by love and I can't wait to see who you and Anna become... its sure to shake this world!

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carolineb said...

Awesome! Amazing! That last picture is killing me!

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