Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I love Basil

I love basil. Its just they way I roll. I've noticed when I cook with basil if I over cook by seconds it looses its basily-ness. SO today for lunch we are having a raw spaghetti sauce. Its just 2 tomatoes- diced, a handful of fresh, finely chopped basil, finely sliced green onions, half a garlic clove (minced) and a pinch of sea salt. Stir it up, top with some parmesan cheese, done. Its fresh, tastes delightfully sweet and so good for my little people! I serve it over zucchini strips or quinoa pasta. Love!
Even the picky eater ate it!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

How do your kids eat soooo well!!!??? I have to threaten mine with time out or a spanking. Teach me oh wise one.

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