Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Man

My husband, he's The Man. Its true. We've been married now for almost 9 years and every year we have our share of disappointments and every year his ability to amaze me far out weighs the disappointments. I love it when he comes home in the evenings. I love the way our kids run to see him. I love the way he hangs out in the kitchen and chats with me while I make dinner. I love the way he makes each of the kids laugh in their own little ways. I love the way he washes the dishes!! I love going for walks with him. I love how hopeful he his. I love hearing his perspective on God and life. I love hearing him read books to the little people and afterward, chasing them down the hall. I love the way he loves. All of us. We don't do marriage perfectly. We could use some work but I love figuring it out with HIM. This one man, The Man.

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