Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My wandering compass

What do you do? Say, if for a season, your life was pointed in one direction and as time went on the needle of your compass turned and pointed in another. So you settle where your needle is pointed but on occasion you loose your bearings and your needle goes all over the place and lands in another direction. I found that this happens a few times a year. I get frustrated with my wandering needle and eventually take my compass apart, examine it, figure out all the reasons it should point to where I am currently and then make it hold there.  Are these just flare-ups from past directions? Am I hormonal? Is there something causing me to be discontent with where I am? I ask Jesus these things and then settle on changing something in my life to make us more 'missional', if that's even a word. Maybe I'm missing it. What do you do?

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