Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Enjoying Life

I am beginning to enjoy my life again. I know that its kind of a loaded statement because it implies that I haven't been enjoying life and with that there is speculation to why I haven't been. Well, lets just say that I have appreciated my life for the entire that it has been mine but there is a difference in being appreciative for something and truly enjoying it. I have appreciated all of this life's blessings including John Mark, the kiddos, friends but in this season I have not been free to enjoy these great blessings. Busyness steals my joy and pleasure. There is no time to relax an enjoy the lives before me when I am consumed with what must happen for our lives to function. And it isn't just people that I have stopped enjoying, it is hobbies and enjoying who God created me to be. I have lost sight of the person inside the machine.
So all of that to say that I ma beginning to enjoy life again. I 'm learning to allow God to heal my heart and carry my burdens so that I can enjoy the blessings in my life. I'm relaxing more and strolling along side this life instead of always trying to be a step ahead. Most importantly, I'm enjoying my husband, this wonderful creation , because we were made for each other. When you're fighting against the pressures of life and children it is easy to forget that you have someone beside you who wants to enjoy life with you... if you'd let them. I'm loving my precious ones more actively and enjoying their lives, because they deserve to be delighted in. On the 'me' side of things, I'm enjoying reclaiming my old body, diving back into healthy-'er' eating (: , going on dates, taking classes and of course, my new-found love of taking pics of my family. I want to document our life because its amazing to me. I used to take pics because I knew that one day I would be glad I did but now I just love the process. I love getting great pics of their little faces and knowing that they are going to decorate our halls and living room. I want to look around my house and always be reminded to enjoy... enjoy it all.

Here are a few of my favorite pics as of late:

Sleeping princess

My pretty girl

Love those legs!

Seriously, steals my heart

a girl and her daddy

Miss silly

Loves to play

Mr Silly

and sillier

yes, she is sound asleep

big blue eyes

makes my heart smile

I'll leave you with this lovely image of JM wearing my sun glasses... he sure can make pink look manly!

Well, I should be studying... but I'm going to go pour juice, roll around on the floor, nurse a beautiful baby, start dinner and smile a lot with my amazing, God breathed family.


AtlantaMama said...

wow... yalls last two posts are impressive... it's clear that you both see a shift now.
that's awesome. that's very very exciting.

now share of that with your friends! ;)

AtlantaMama said...

love all of the pics too!!

Susan Boone said...

Beautiful pictures, Bekah!

Lora said...

oh my goodness! where has the time gone?! your kiddos have gotten so big! (and so cute!!)
miss you!

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