Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I'm all over the place on this one!

I can't believe you're almost over June! I guess the craziness of this month is probably why I constantly think it is still the first week of June and then I'm floored when I hear what day it really is (this happens daily). Craziness is all relative- any house hold with three kids three and under is defined solely by the level of chaos it can endure- we can endure a lot! Its the good chaos most of the time :)

The, oh so popular, daddy sandwich!

Tonight I had a slight glimpse of what a "more normal" life would look like. After dinner John Mark took the elders out for a walk and I gave the littlest princess a bath and put her to bed. This may seem like the norm for many but my husband not only works hard all week at his full time job but he also puts in some time at another little job throughout the week. So that means usually 5 nights a week I'm flying solo at bed time. Trying to get all three of those wild ones bathed, clothed, hair brushed, teeth brushed, books read, prayers prayed and Anna nursed. It is a wonder that I can function normally after that. But tonight John Mark was here to play with our kids while I got to put Anna to bed in peace... it was amazing. I love that the the Lord is providing for our needs through JM's jobs but I think I may start asking Him to provide a job with "normal" business hours... it would be nice:)

We do however do many normal things, like summer fun things! My fav is and always will be the sprinkler! I have found my self running through it a lime or two this summer with Anna in-tow... sadly, no pics!

My water babies! They have both just taken to water this summer... it doesn't matter where the water is, if they find it, they will be in it!

Funny faces and funny buns. I swear we don't have a bathing suit that will stay up. I can the ties so tight that I think he won't digest his food properly and still, those shorts come down!
She wishes she could get in n the action... maybe next year my love! Dang, is it me or is she beautiful? Seriously, I'm aware that I am a mom and I think my kids are all perfect and the best at everything... but she is freakishly beautiful.
Sometimes we have impromptu water fun. Like on our stroller cleaning day... Bean got a hold of that hose and we were all soaked:) It was good. Have I mentioned that I love our yard?

Sometimes the heat gets to be a little much for us so its off to...
CHUCK E CHEESE!!!!!!!!!!
Don't let the exclamation marks fool you... I learned that I am not a fan. I mean its good for an every-now-and-then type of thing but it was a hard to observe our culture from that place... I didn't like us very much.
Most days however, we just lay around the house, doing chores and letting life happen... its a good life.

6 months old!!!!
You may be wondering (or maybe not) why there aren't many Anna pics. Well, that is because my little one turned six months old this month!!! Dang, where has the time gone! She is my precious little bundle of love and I could literally spend an entire day cuddling with her on my bed- just the two of us, watching her move and play and just be her. She is sweet and cuddly and happy and everything a baby should be. I love her. I love her deeply. I thought that by the time I had three kids my ability to love would begin to wane... but alas it has not! With each of mine my heart has been refreshed to love again just as deeply and intense. She is no exception. This month she has cut 2 perfect little teeth and she is scooting all over our floor. I guess here n a week or two I'll have a crawler on my hards... I should do a better job cleaning my floors! Well, here are some pics of my littlest princess this month... I love you bug and my life is a better one because of you! The next 6 months are going to be a blast!

JM took this video this morning... awesome!

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AtlantaMama said...

love the update for sure!

love love love the pics including the bottom crack showing and the water fun!

can't believe baby love is 6 MONTHS old already!!

I am sorry that JM is work so much that yall never see each other and or that Mom doesn't get help. I do feel that way too... when I get help I say, "that was EASY"
But I am super glad that yall have a good job, a great house, and a wonderful back yard to enjoy!!

COME SWIM WITH US!!!!!!!! We would love to play and swim with friends!!

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