Monday, July 12, 2010

Lazy Days and Ikea

Right now its raining. A sweet, gentle, glorious rain. All three of my treasures are sound asleep in there respective quarters and I get to enjoy the quiet sounds of my dryer working away and rain lulling me into relaxation. Oh, these moments remind me to breathe. I love it. Its so good. I know everyones life is crazy but we are working to make ours less that way. I think that if we were not smacked in the face with chaos on a daily basis that would be weird but to live in constant chaos isn't healthy... for any of us. So today my job is to make a list of all the projects we want to do around the house and each weekend we are going to tackle one project and one fun adventure. This way our weekends won't escape us with out fun and memories (and hopefully cute pictures) but also we will have accomplished something and taken steps away from chaos into calm.

Last week we took a fun trip to ikea and it was such a treat and it also gave me some much need inspiration for decorating. I love ikea. Ikea makes sense. It just does. I love walking from one delightful decorating scheme to another. It just feels right. I can walk through there with so much confidence because I CAN DO THIS. Its rewarding just to know that it is a possibility. That I can simplify my clutter into a room that just makes sense. There is a light at the end of my clutter tunnel. So thank you ikea. You've done it again. The funny thing is that I walk in there with such excitement and hope and I think John Mark goes in tense and and with a death grip on his wallet! Ha! No, JM is actually the one in our fam with an amazing eye for decorating. I can copy an already well dressed room but JM he can take the pieces that we have and make it look like we MEANT to put those things together. He's great and really, he loves ikea too.

The rain continues... it is all the calm I need for today. Ahhhhhhhh...

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Thesupermanns said...

ahhh i LOVE IKEA too....we just picked up a little table and chairs for the boys to grow into there...i wanted to buy the whole store..UG!....i like your writing about the rain calming you...and i like your adorable chocolate faced children in these ya girl..

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