Friday, July 23, 2010

Let the games begin

So yesterday was the first day of my sweet Zaya's life where she informed me of our schedule for today. It was kind of weird. SHE made plans and reminded me of them about every hour until she fell asleep... and then she began this morning immediately upon lifting her head from the pillow.
This is what I was instructed to do: "First, we are going to the pool, then we'll come home and take a nap. After that we'll make cookies with frosting and I'll use a spreader."
Ok, so after Anna's nap this morning we headed out to the pool and ate our lunch there. Once everyone was adequately fussy we piled into the van and moved to phase 2 of the plans. Now everyone in the house is asleep so I, the puppet master, can prepare for phase 3.
Cookies are baked, frosting is colored and on the table. Now I have a moment before the cute ones wake and are ready to frost their cookies. I love that my girl likes to have a plan. I love it even more when we can allow her the freedom to make a plan and stick to it.
So now we shall frost... I bet phase 3 will be awesome!

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carolineb said...

Zay! Way to make it happen.

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