Friday, February 25, 2011

February flew by!

oh February and all your lovin', thanks for being so good to us! This month has been a good one, full of family and friends and just pleasure in general. We've started doing an every-other-Monday night dinner, so if you ever find yourself around these parts, please stop by. We had Valentine parties and other parties and homeschooling meetings and starting new missions opportunities, our life is moving non-stop, wonderfully directed, non-stop!  I have had a blast taking pictures and learning how to use this wonderful tool. Here are some captured moments and events:
John Mark took Zaya to the father-daughter dance at church and it was SO sweet! 

 I've been sewing like crazy with friends!


Birthday parties :)

I found my sister's old bonnet!

Anna had her first piece of sushi!!

We played at the park with friends!

JM sold his car and got a scooter!

And we have a contract on a house! The house of our dreams!

I know March will be even busier with Born Again Blessings coming up, Beans birthday and preparing to move! It will be good!


carolineb said...

Laura and B look like twins. Your babies are gorgeeeepoooo. I love Zaya's face in the group shot. I love her on the carousel. Lydie always looks like she is questioning. February will go down as one wacky month. You are a blessing, Bekah.

katie davis said...

3 things:

1. zaya is beautiful. those pictures of her from the dance are just gorgeous.

2. i am definitely crashing a dinner next time i'm in town.

3. i need you to teach me how to sew please.

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