Friday, April 29, 2011

my princess

This morning at 6am I was awake watching Prince William make Kate Middleton into Princess Katherine. On my lap was my own princess. I woke her up early so that she could see a real fairy tale unfold before her 4 year old eyes. We sat quietly with our cups of tea, occationally making comments about the fabulous hats and the general splendor of it all. After it was all said and down we slipped slowly into the rest of the day. We didn't hop up and jump into making breakfast or getting dressed, we meandered a bit. We did eat and get dressed... eventually. We let the rest of the family wake up and add their own quirks and joys into the pleasant morning mix we had already created. It was a nice calm beautiful morning. The morning an average girl became a princess. Fairy tales.

All the talk of princesses and princes continued as we packed up the car and headed out for a Costco run. My favorite point in the conversation was when Zaya asked me, "Is Princess Kate going to live in at Disney World?" Hahaha! I love her!
The conversation continued:
Me: No, sweetheart, she is a princess in England and the other princesses are disney princesses. One day you will get to have a wedding and dress up like a princess.
Zaya: I'm going to be a real princess, like you. You are the princess and daddy is the prince of Georgia. When Bean and I get married we'll be the prince and princess of Georgia... or Marietta.

If any one on this earth is NOT a princess, its me. If anyone on this earth, is GOING to be a real princess, its Zaya. I love her, there are not enough words...

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