Saturday, May 7, 2011


There are some good ones out there. None, however as great and wonderful and Gini. My sister and I were laughing yesterday about how great our mom was and is about making a big deal out of us. Birthdays have always been extravagant... not necessarily concerning presents but the time and effort she would put into it to make exclusively ours. Sick days were mini-vacations, equipped with rented movies, home made soups, our bedrooms or living rooms being turned into mini-hotels where mom was the concierge, and all the one-on-one time that a fever could handle. She looks for ways to make us feel special.

My mom is a giver. She would give everything she has for us if she thought it would help us or if we just needed a little something special. Its not that she tries to be generous, she just IS, it is in her DNA, she can't be removed from it. She gives of herself to no end, she has no concern for seeking her own benefit. Her joy is in bring joy to others. Anyone her knows her knows that you call her anytime for anything and she will do everything in her power to make it happen.

My mom doesn't live with an "end" to achieve. She enjoys the means. She doesn't look at us waiting for the end product to appear, she enjoys us, who we are now, as we are. This probably prevented her from really pushing us as kids but that is ok with me because I know she enjoyed just me. There is freedom in knowing that I don't have to perform to earn the unconditional love of another person. I think that is what a mother is supposed to do, just love. Just be the person that is always safe and pleased. That is my mom.

My mom is one of my best friends. I can tell her anything. With holding information from her just feels weird. I don't like it.

Mom, you're the best. Not in the cheesy greeting card way, but in the truth of there is no one that comes even close kind of way. I hope that as I grow as a mom that I can pass on your patience, kindness, generosity and gentleness. You make this world hopeful and you have given me eyes to always see the cup as half full. I see good in the world because I was raised by a woman who sees good all around her. Thank you for forming me, praying for me and setting the most wonderful example of a life surrendered. I love the eyes you've given me. You are every good thing that a mom should be. I love you mom.

Just a quick Gini story from today: We were at Zaya's ballet recital and my poor mom was running late because the girl at the floral counter at publix took quite a bit of time preparing the flowers that mom was getting for Zaya... she was also getting flowers for me to give Zay. So, she missed the first part of the recital because of it and I know it made her so sad because my mom wants to BE THERE... she's amazing at being there when you have a big event. Anyway, after the show John Mark was taking the flowers to Zay (that my mom had purchased for us to give her) but then Jacob wanted to give her some flowers as well, so she gave her flowers to Jacob so he could give her sister flowers. She does not want glory for her actions, she just lives with disappointments behind her and blessing before her.

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